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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Snowy French Country Garden Shed

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A French country style garden shed in the backyard is a delight all year, but even more so for a few hours in winter when covered in a light dusting of snow. Nature waved a magic wand and sprinkled soft white snowy layers that softened the harsh contours of winter. 

With snow , the shed is transformed into a blue and white winter scene
The garden shed is beautiful any season with its French country roofline, french doors, and white  limestone exterior. With snow, the shed is transformed into a blue and white winter scene. 

S N O W Y   F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y 

G A R D E N    S H E D  

Sitting in a small woods, the little garden shed is now a garden HOUSE with a limestone exterior.
Sitting in a small woods, the little building is really a garden house with its own adjacent greenhouse. No longer a shed anymore. Wide paver stone walkways lead from the main house down to the green house and garden house, and then meander around the backyard back to the driveway at the front of the main house. 

Deck railing made from galvanized wire does not block the view of the beautifulFrench Country garden shed in a snow covered woods
Deck railing made from galvanized wire panels does not block views of the garden shed/house from the back porch. Snow covered the decks, deck furniture, ground, trees, and shrubs, but not the paver walkways. 

A greenhouse adjacent to the beautiful blue and white French Country garden shed has little snow on its roof
Very little snow accumulated on the greenhouse roof, partly because the roof slopes and partly because the stored warmth of the greenhouse warmed the roof. 

Branches of a large cedar tree sheltered the bare ground from snow next to the French Country garden shed
The greatest factor was so little snowfall. Notice the bare ground areas sheltered from snow by the large cedar tree branches. There was enough snow to create a magical wonderland, but no more. 

Snow on the deck of the French country garden shed created a magical snowy winter scene
Small falling snowflakes are barely visible against the french door and against the dark areas under the deck bench. By nightfall all of the snow was melted, but during the day the snow created wintry snowy scenes that lifted our spirits and brought smiles to our faces for no other reason. 

Is it because snow is so rare in our part of the world? Or is there a universal happiness where ever snow falls? Are Southerners the only ones who dance around the house in flannel nightgowns peeking out windows to see snow falling and laughing with glee about a snow day from work, from school, from routine winter day activities? 

Snow covered a large evergreen wreath lying on the bench on the porch of the French country garden shed
For a few hours routines vanish to be replaced with spontaneous snowball fights, building tiny snowmen, drinking hot cocoa by a fire, and taking photos to record a wondrous day. Memories are tucked away to be shared in the future of the time there was a snowy French country garden shed.  

A time for celebrating 

joie de vivre 
exuberant joy of living 


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