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Peach Trellis Christmas Greenery

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Peach colored trellises in the style of French Country tuteurs are decorated with Christmas greenery for the holiday season. Fresh boxwood wreaths hung with sheer lavender ribbons sprinkled with silvery glitter dots are festive Christmas outdoor decorations in an unexpected color. 

Christmas greenery on a peach colored trellis in the style of French Country tuteurs
The lavender ribbon color complements the peach colored trellises and adds just the right amount of sparkle to say Christmas instead of Spring or Summer. 

P E A C H   T R E L L I S   

C H R I S T M A S   G R E E N E R Y 

Beautiful boxwood wreath with sparkling ribbon on a peach colored trellis welcomes visitors to our house
Outdoor Christmas decorations are always beautiful any year, but are especially beautiful ways to celebrate the season this year when indoor holiday gatherings will be limited. 

Usually outdoor Christmas decorations and lights go up after Thanksgiving in our area, but this year, several houses in the countryside near me put up their outdoor decorations and lights in mid-November. I think everyone is looking for ways to spread the Spirit of Christmas to cheer up all of us. 

Beautiful greenery, beribboned wreaths, and twinkling Christmas lights bring a smile and add joy to everyone passing by. 

Fresh-cut cedar holds a cluster of lime green horse apples at the base of a Christmas decorated peach colored trellis
Fresh-cut cedar foraged from the yard holds a cluster of bright lime green horse apples at the base of each trellis. The trellis at the corner of the pea gravel driveway and the paver walkway is strung with large Christmas lights. Each evening the lights can be turned on using a remote control. A timer would make operating the lights easier, but the remote control is the next best thing. 

Three peach colored trellises were added to our backyard walkway last year and this is the first year they are decorated for Christmas
Three peach trellises sitting between the paver walkway and the raised covered back porch were added to this area during the Spring of last year. 

Three peach colored trellises have beribboned boxwood wreaths for the Christmas holidays
This is the first year to decorate them with Christmas greenery. 

Large clay pots hold blue and purple pansies between peach colored trellises for outdoor Christmas decorations
The large clay pots hold pansies in various shades of blue and purple. The pansies will live and flower all during the winter in our region of the United States. They are such hardy flowers; they survive snow and ice storms. 

A paver walkway leads to the French style garden house decorated for Christmas
The paver walkway leads to the French Country style garden shed in the backyard. 

A peach colored trellis decorated with a boxwood wreath and foraged cedar branches and horse apples sits at the edge of the garden shed's deck
Another peach colored trellis sits at the edge of the garden shed's wood deck. Like the other four trellises along the paver walkway, foraged cedar branches and bright green horse apples lie at the base of the trellis. 

Decorating with natural materials is environmentally friendly and provides shelter for birds.
Decorating with natural materials is environmentally friendly. After the holidays, the decaying greenery can be used to mulch shrubs, to provide shelter for birds, and to provide nutrients to the soil as the greenery completely breaks down. 

If you do not have natural evergreens in your yard, ask your local garden center if you can take the trimmed branches from Christmas trees.
If you do not have a source for natural greenery from your yard or a friend's yard, ask your local garden center if you may take branches trimmed from the bottom of Christmas trees. Both Home Depot and Lowes in our area have huge cardboard boxes filled with discarded Christmas tree clippings for customers to take, free of charge. 

When decorating outside for the holidays, add some decorations you can see from inside your home.
When decorating outside for the holidays, I like to add decorations that we can see from inside the house, not just add decorations for others passing by to enjoy. We can see the garden shed from the kitchen and living room and enjoy the peach trellis decorated with Christmas greenery. 

Joyeux Noël 
may your days be merry and bright 

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