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DIY Easter Paper Cone | Blue Speckled Candy Eggs

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Easter Paper Cones
A Paper Series Post 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Easter paper cones to hold blue-speckled chocolate candy eggs are easy to make. Attention to details makes them special favors for an Easter table setting. A fleur de lis wax seal adds a French Country look. 

DIY Easter Paper Cone with Blue speckled chocolate candy eggs
Creating traditions for special times are meaningful for both family and friends. As we mature, we look back on the traditions in our lives with love and happiness.  

I am joining some good blogging friends who are sharing special ways they celebrate Spring and Easter in a Spring DIY & Craft  Round Up Party. Thank you to our hostess, Barb of French Ethereal, for organizing us in time for you, our readers, to get some good ideas to try for your own Spring or Easter celebrations. 

Welcome to readers coming from Cindy at County Road 407, where the fun and creativity never stops. 

Keep reading for instructions on how I made an easy beautiful paper cone to fill with Easter candy as Easter treats for my family. Then, see more Spring and Easter ideas from my friends at the end. 

D I Y   E A S T E R   P A P E R   C O N E S 

filled with blue-speckled candy eggs 

DIY Easter Paper Cone as treats on an Easter table setting
In my family, Easter memories are some of the happiest memories from my childhood. We had several traditions surrounding Easter, but some of my most vivid memories are the Easter baskets filled with goodies my mother created for my three siblings and me. Regardless of what else was going on in the world, during good times and not-so-good times, we always had a special basket for Easter. 

Now, as an adult, I keep the tradition alive from one generation to the next of having a special Easter treat for my family. It is not always a basket, but there is always a treat. My mother would be proud!  

How to make Easter paper cones 

DIY Easter Paper Cone supplies needed

Supplies Needed 

① Colored craft paper 
② Glue dots 
③ Decorative edge scissors
④ Sealing wax
⑤ Seal to imprint wax
⑥ Wax paper
⑦ Paper grass 
⑧ Easter candy 
⑨ Ruler, pencil 


DIY Easter Paper Cone made from colored craft paper

Use ruler and pencil to measure and draw a 6 ½" square on your colored craft paper. 

I mixed coordinating colors/patterns using what paper I had in my paper collection. 

Be as careful as possible to cut a square... 90° corners and all four sides 6 ½".  The pale blue cone shown was not exactly square which caused the gap at the bottom. 

I tried different sizes of squares to make cones. Squares smaller than 6 ½" were difficult for me to make cones with a large enough opening at the top. 

DIY Easter Paper Cone with hand cut decorative edges

Use scissors to cut decorative edges on all four sides of the square. Of course, you can use plain scissors to cut out the square, but the decorative edges are one of the details that make the paper cone extra special and declares, "Handmade with love!"

DIY Easter Paper Cone is held together with super strong glue dot

Roll the square into a cone. Hold the square so the colored side you want visible is the bottom side as you hold the paper. Place one corner of the square at the top (so the square is held diagonally) and gently roll one side of the colored paper over toward the middle of the square. 

At the same time, gently roll the opposite side of the square toward the first rolled side so the two sides overlap one another as shown above. Take care not to crease the paper. Adjust as needed to bring the two sides together at the bottom so there is not a hole in the bottom of your cone. 

Place a glue dot to the back corner of one side of the paper to hold the cone together. The glue dot is under the corner of the overlapped striped paper shown above. 

DIY Easter Paper Cone fleur de lis wax seals

Make wax seals. Set a piece of kitchen cooking wax paper on top of a solid glass or metal surface. Melt your sealing wax onto the wax paper into small round pools, and immediately use your imprinting seal to imprint each wax pool while it is warm BEFORE melting the next wax pool. 

Allow the wax seals to cool and gently peel from the wax paper. The seals may be stuck tightly to the paper, but I was able to remove all of the paper from the backs of my wax seals. 

Melting wax directly onto a curved paper cone is difficult to control the flow of the wax. It is also difficult to press the seal onto the cooling wax without crushing the cone. 

By making the wax seals on waxed paper, you can discard any seals that did not turn out very well. See four of my rejected seals in the photo above. 

Attach a fleur de lis wax seal to each DIY Easter Paper Cone with a glue dot

Use a glue dot to attach a wax seal to the paper cone. Attach the glue dot to the back of the wax seal, then position the seal so the two edges of the cone are held together at the top of the cone. 

Glue dots are unforgiving once they touch the paper. Check the position of the wax seal before pressing it to the paper cone. 

Look back at the previous photos to see where the wax seals were placed. 

DIY Easter Paper Cone with blue speckled candy eggs in green grass

Place paper grass inside the top of the cone allowing some of the grass to hang over the edges. I used wood grass instead of paper grass. Choose grass that contrasts with the color(s) of your paper cones. 

Nestle Easter candy eggs in the grass. Several options are available for Easter candy eggs in your grocery store. Choose colors that coordinate or contrast with your Easter paper cone and grass. 

DIY Easter Paper Cone as party favor at Easter place setting

Place a paper cone at each place setting on your Easter table for a special Easter treat. Since you are never too old to enjoy treats, add one to both children's and adults' place settings. 


Traditions make special memories, even more so during not-so-good times. Continuing traditions when times are hard help us weather the storms in our lives. 

Keep your traditions alive as a way 
to show love and comfort and 
to provide stability 
when the earth moves beneath our feet. 

Make DIY Easter paper cones for a little

joie de vivre!
(joy of living)

Be sure to visit my next post, Easter Table With Bluebonnets, where I will be sharing my entire Easter table setting with the paper cones and BLUEBONNETS as part of Easter's On Its Way! blog hop, hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home. 

Next up is Laura at Decor to Adore with her encouraging ideas for a Spring garden . . . beautiful and practical . . . more joie de vivre

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Come back tomorrow to see another special blog party, Easter's On Its Way, hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home. Over 20 bloggers are sharing their beautiful ideas for Easter. 

I am sharing how I used the DIY Easter paper cones as party favors on my Easter Table With Bluebonnets. The table is set in my favorite color combination, blue and white, and may be my all-time favorite table setting. 

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  1. I like these very much. I think I'll make paper cones for my grandkids, and leave them at their door on Easter.

    1. Deanna,
      What a great idea. After reading your comment, it occurred to me this is a great project for children. I updated my post for tomorrow to include having children make paper cones to leave on the porch of their grandparents as a surprise Easter present.


  2. What an absolutely adorable Easter craft. A perfect sweet treat touch.

    1. Thanks, Laura. The best part of the craft was I had all the supplies needed in my collection of papers and materials. I even already had the blue candy eggs.

      Stay safe, dear friend.

      Happy Spring,

  3. I've been wanting to try to make one to hang. You have given me the motivation. Now I either have to hope I have supplies or I will wait for the virus to end.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Cindy,
      You can always order crafting supplies online. I discovered a site that has sealing wax to use in a glue gun! That is so much easier than melting a stick of wax using a burning match like I did. Here is the link to the site. (No affiliation)


  4. Replies
    1. Cindy,
      Thank you so much for pinning this!


  5. Judith, your paper cones are beautiful with their little eggs nestled inside and the sweet fleur de lis crest on top!! Lovely... Looking forward to seeing your table tomorrow. Thank you for joining us today! <3

    Happy spring,
    Barb :)

    1. Barb,
      Thanks so much for inviting me to be of your craft linky party. We will have to do this again.

      Of course, you would love the fleur de lis wax seal. We are kindred spirits when it comes to French Country design.

      Stay safe, and Happy Spring,

  6. These are sooo cute!! I love them! This is definitely something that I will make!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    -Emily @

    1. Emily,
      Thank you for the encouraging comment. I am so glad to hear you like this well enough to do some of your own. I am always so inspired by what you share on your blog and Instagram.

      Happy Spring,


  7. I can hardly wait to make some of these! Where do I get the wax and stamp? I guess online these days? Great instructions. If I don't like the person though, I'm adding real grass. LOL! Stay healthy sweet friend. Pinned.

    1. Cindy,
      I discovered you can use a special glue gun and wax seal sticks to make wax seals... so much nicer than melting a stick of wax. Here is a website with custom seals, colored wax, and wax seal accessories, including a melting gun. No affiliation


  8. I love this idea and it's great that you can customize it for any season by using different papers.

    1. Paula,
      Valentine's Day comes to mind for another paper cone.


  9. Oh, Judith! This cone and eggs are so beautiful!! Just elegant and so easy! I would love to make this for Easter for my small family gathering! This is just SO YOU!!! xo

    1. Yvonne,
      Thank you. These really are easy... I would love to see any you make because I love everything you do. Stay safe, dear friend. I hope Bobby continues to stay safe, too.

      Happy Easter,

  10. This is simply the sweetest craft and a lovely tradition. I Love that wax seal! I have an "F" that I bought at the Tower of London gift shop in London many years ago, and a few French wax seals. I have never used white wax however, now I am very inspired!


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