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Backyard Bluebonnets | Time in Nature Reduces Stress

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Relaxing in backyard bluebonnets is one way nature can bring calm to our bodies and minds during stressful times. Research shows spending as little as five minutes outside can reduce stress levels. Plus, even viewing scenes of nature reduces fear and anger, and makes you feel better emotionally. 

Backyard Bluebonnets are a way Time in Nature Reduces Stress
If your stress levels are low right now, spend time with my backyard bluebonnets to feel even better. If your stress levels are high, or you are depressed, afraid, or angry, sit back and enjoy a little relaxation in my backyard bluebonnets to feel better emotionally. Take your mind off your worries.  

And get a few ideas for how to create time in nature in your own backyard. 

B A C K Y A R D   B L U E B O N N E T S  

t i m e  i n  n a t u r e  r e d u c e s  s t r e s s 

Ways to create relaxation in nature 


Place a chaise lounge, Adirondack chair, garden bench, wicker chair, . . .  right in the middle of your flowers. 

Add a chaise lounge in Backyard Bluebonnets to bring nature up close
A cushioned chaise lounge set in the midst of bluebonnets brings nature up close, close enough to touch and to see details. 

Being right next to bluebonnets in the backyard is the best way to enjoy them
The flowers are just opening and will continue to bloom for about two to three more weeks. Being right next to them is the best way to enjoy them to the fullest. 

Spring is the best time for weather to enjoy nature
Spring is the best time of the year for weather at my house. Chances are you can say the same about spring weather at your house, too, regardless of what flowers blanket your fields as spring arrives. So, enjoy the best time of the year no matter what else is going on!  

Backyard Bluebonnets with a wooded area of trees in the background
Regardless when spring weather arrives at your house, you do not have to wait until leaves are on the trees or flowers are in full bloom to enjoy nature. You can also get outside to lift your spirits when plants are just emerging from the ground. 

Add cushions on which to lean back your head 

Add cushions to a chaise lounge in the backyard flowers to encourage yourself to relax
Make your time in nature a retreat by adding special touches to your chair-in-the-flowers. Soft cushions encourage you to lie back, to relax your head and shoulders, and to stare into the trees above. Allow your mind to focus on nature's beauty all around you, nothing else. 

Add a quilt to ward off cool weather

Add a quilt to a chaise lounge in the backyard if temperatures are cool
If the temperatures are still on the cool side, snuggle up in a soft quilt. 

Use a large quilt to wrap up so no legs are dangling out of the bottom of the quilt or shoulders and neck are shivering while keeping your feet warm
A large quilt makes it easier to wrap up, without struggling to keep all parts of your body warm enough. No legs dangling out the bottom of the quilt or shoulders and neck shivering while keeping your feet warm. 

Take your favorite magazine to read while relaxing 

Read a beautiful magazine for ways to celebrate the season as you relax on a chaise in backyard bluebonnets
To help you ease your mind away from racing thoughts, read a beautiful magazine with ideas for ways to celebrate the season. Read ways for decorating your home, starting a new craft, cooking a spring recipe, or planning a garden. 

Reading fills your mind with ideas and crowds out other thoughts.  

Daydream about beautiful ideas you have just read in a magazine while lying on a chaise in backyard bluebonnets
Every so often look around at the flowers, trees, birds, or sky. Daydream about the beautiful ideas you've just read about. 

Take time for your mental health by relaxing in backyard bluebonnets
Take time for your mental health by spending time outside in nature. 

If you don't have bluebonnets in your backyard, but you do live in Texas, remember to watch the roadsides for spring wildflowers as you make required trips to the grocery store, doctor's office, or post office. 

Roll down the car windows, and drive on the back roads and feeder lanes at a slower pace to enjoy bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, primroses, red clover, wild poppies, . . . 

You do not have to interact with anyone. Savor nature for a little French way of living . . . a little joie de vivre! 


We may not be able to control what happens around us, but we can control how we respond. Living happens everyday on the journey, not at a specified day in the future. Don't forget to enjoy today's wonderful moments, like seeing bluebonnets, even when times seem uncertain, scary, or depressing. 

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  1. Shannon,

    Beautiful, every year I swoon seeing pictures of bluebonnets. They are so beautiful and I can imagine how wonderful they are to have. I would be loving your lounger resting among them sipping tea or coffee.

    Enjoy their beauty!


  2. The years we spent in Temple Texas, just below Waco, provided the best sightings of Bluebonnets. They do make for a wonderful sight when they fill a whole field. Thanks for bringing the memories back.

  3. yet another great idea we need to get out there and enjoy life in nature
    come see us at

  4. Every once in a while we had bluebonnets growing in our prior California homes' gardens, just sitting in the rockiest, worst dirt ~ happy bleu spring beauties! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us, Judith!! I have been enjoying spring while sitting outside at our little French Café. Hoping to share about that tomorrow. <3

    Happy spring to you!
    Barb :)


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