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French Country Laundry | ORC™ Design Week 2

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

W E E K   2 
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Transforming an outdated laundry room in need of repairs, new insulation, and a fresh look means adding French Country style at my house. 

For Week 2 of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE™, you are getting to see the Design Inspiration board for my laundry room. Plus, I am sharing the Pinterest boards behind the Design Inspiration board. Two personal Pinterest boards helped me recognize design factors that appeal to me. The boards helped me to see what colors, floor plans, cabinets, lighting, and functional plumbing kept showing up over and over. As I studied the boards, an overall plan emerged as the boards helped me organize my thoughts about what I want for a beautiful updated laundry room. 

Pinterest boards are great for collecting ideas and sources. If you are dreaming of new projects at your house, I highly recommend you create Pinterest boards for those projects. Pinterest is the modern-age electronic equivalent of paper scrapbooks where we once stuffed torn-out magazine pages for inspiration. 

French Country laundry ORC™ Design Week 2 Inspiration Board

For years I have been collecting inspirational design photos on two Pinterest boards. Botanic Bleu Laundry/Mud Roomsa public board, has photos of beautiful rooms, decor, lighting, cabinets, flooring, etc... 

French Country laundry ORC™ Design Week 2 Pinterest board with blue, white, wood, shelves
You probably notice a trend, or two, or three, in the PINS on my Botanic Bleu Laundry/Mud Rooms' board. Blue, white, wood, shelves, ... all are favorites and play a role in updating my laundry room. Did you spot the laundry room with the French style table for folding clothes? As much as I would love an antique French table in my laundry room, there is not enough space, but the new laundry room will have French Country style.  

See the PIN with the big blue heart ? This photo most closely resembles how my laundry room washer, dryer, cabinets, and shelves will look. This Pinterest laundry is about the size of the washer/dryer alcove in my laundry room, but the color of my new cabinets will be a much darker blue. 

French Country laundry ORC™ Design Week 2 Behr navy color INKED for cabinets

Color of the new cabinets in the laundry room - 
INKED (M510-7) by BEHR.  

French Country laundry ORC™ Design Week 2 Pinterest board for materials and products for house

Materials & Products for House, a secret board on my Pinterest account, has photos of where to find supplies and products on my wish lists for updating my house. This board helps me remember where items can be purchased and lets me link back to the original site with just a click on a pin. 

Here is where I keep track of all the functional products as well as beautiful decor for the house. There are many pins for light fixtures I love. The search for lights for 8-foot ceilings is a never-ending quest, and wall sconces are a way for me to have hanging lights that six-foot-tall family members do not bang their heads on. 

No French Country hanging chandelier 
will fit in the laundry room with its 8-foot ceiling. 

But, if you look closely at the pins shown, you are getting sneak peeks at a ceiling fixture and wall sconces I love that do fit in rooms with 8-foot ceilings. My new light fixtures for the laundry are on order which means I am not worried about them being sold out. What a relief! 

French Country laundry ORC™ Design Week 2 to do list with 3 things crossed off the list

The 'to do list' for this project is rather scary, but I am making progress. Three things are already marked off the list! And, shuffling the washer and dryer as needed is a regular dance during this project ... all to the light of a floor lamp doing its own 2-step shuffle going where needed. 

Check out the progress for everyone else in the ORC™at ONE ROOM CHALLENGE™. We all need some encouragement as our projects loom larger than life. 

French Country laundry ORC™ Design Week 2 guest participant Fall 2019

See you next week for an update on what is crossed off the to-do list for Week 3. Think DEMO day! 

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