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Winter Blue and White Bathroom

Friday, February 15, 2019

Decorating a blue and white bathroom for winter has its challenges, but deer and wreath decor works beyond the Christmas holiday as winter decor also.  

Winter blue and white bathroom wreath decor in the window and on the towel
Wreaths are good decor any time of the year. As you step into my blue and white master bathroom from the bedroom you can spot four wreaths, and two of them stay out all year round. 

There is a fifth wreath on the wood panel sconce not visible from this angle, which makes three wreaths that are part of the bathroom's daily decor. 

W I N T E R   B L U E   &  W H I T E   B A T H R O O M 

Winter blue and white bathroom wreath decor in the window and on the towel
The two wreaths displayed for winter are the metal holly wreath in the window and the wreath on the hand towel.  

Winter blue and white bathroom white wreath with myrtle topiary decor in post and beam house
Evergreen real and faux wreaths are easy to find during the Christmas season, but white wreaths have become easier to find for the past several years due to the popularity of white and neutral decor. 

I associate white with winter because of snow and ice. Scenes of snowy woods conjure images of winter, not just at Christmas time. In our area of the United States, we rarely have snow for Christmas. Instead, our infrequent snow and ice storms usually occur in January or February, deep into winter. 

Winter blue and white bathroom wreath on hand towel
Bare branches are another sign of winter. A wreath formed from bare branches and pale foliage in silvery tones is another wintry image.  

Doesn't this wreath make you shiver slightly from the suggestion of cold?  

Winter blue and white bathroom French country style white mirror
A companion hand towel with the silvery wreath lies on the nearby vanity. 

This section of the master bathroom has been undergoing changes for the past year. The latest change is the mirror. 

There had been a smaller rectangular mirror over the vanity. This larger white French Country style metal mirror formerly hung in the guest bathroom. A new wooden French Country mirror now hangs in the guest bathroom. 

Winter blue and white bathroom white deer on navy hand towel
A white deer on a navy hand towel is beautiful for Christmas and winter. The details of the deer's antlers, legs, back, and chest are embroidery. 

Winter blue and white bathroom white deer on navy hand towel
Deer make me think of winter and white deer even more so. See a photo of a white deer from Lapland on my Pinterest board, Winter. 

Winter blue and white bathroom Eiffel Tower speciality soap
French style is always part of what I look for. While the Eiffel Tower is not associated with winter, a special soap with an Eiffel Tower image also stands on the vanity this winter. 

Blue decor for winter is not easy to find, but more common blue  winter items are snowflakes in blue or on blue backgrounds. The navy and white deer towel was part of a two-pack towel set. The other towel has a navy background with white snowflakes. Both the navy hand towels and the blue deer pillow on my church pew are from Target. 

The best time to find blue and white decor for winter is at Christmas time. 

Thank you for reading. As always, I hope you found an idea or two that sparked your thoughts with something you can use in your own home this winter. For me, seeing photos always gives me ideas about how to tweak what I saw to work in my own home.  


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  1. Judith, it's all a lovely nod to winter here in TX. Of course today was in the 90s, so snowflakes were not on the mind here. I'm really not ready to give up wearing sweaters and sitting by a cozy fire.
    Let's hope the cooler days return for a bit longer.

    1. Sarah,
      We have not hit 90 yet, but we did have a high of 82° one day last week. Now we are back to cold winter days and lows at night in the 30s. Spring is on the way. I saw a tree white blossoms fully open this week. Several small trees along side the road are blooming. I have daffodils blooming in front and back yards.

  2. I love the calm and peacefulness your bathroom projects, Judith!

    1. Thanks, Rita. Sometimes the bathroom is anything but calm and peaceful when there are dirty clothes everywhere. :)


  3. I love those hand towels with the bare branch wreath! A nice combination of rustic elegance.

    I agree with Rita C, calm and peaceful!

    Marilyn (in Dallas), another wreath lover!

    1. Marilyn,
      Thank you. I have a weakness for towels with understated Christmas themes.


  4. Judith, your beautiful decor always makes me swoon. I find myself scrolling back and forth over the pictures multiple times. What a wonderful sense of style you have.


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