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Christmas Kitchen Plate Stand

Monday, December 24, 2018

A French-style kitchen plate stand holds seasonal greenery along with white dishes during the Christmas season and into the coming Winter months. 

Christmas Kitchen Plate Stand Top Shelf
One of the easiest ways to add Christmas cheer to a kitchen is to add plants and flowers associated with the season. Paperwhites forced into bloom, rosemary trained as a tree, ivy grown in a wreath shape, and small evergreen trees spruce up white dishes for the holidays. 

C H R I S T M A S   K I T C H E N   P L A T E   S T A N D  

A couple of years ago the once all plant stand was converted to a plate stand in the kitchen to hold an overflow of white dishes, but also continues to hold plants all during the year. 

Christmas Kitchen Plate Stand Area in Sunspace
At the beginning of December this is how the plate/plant stand  area in a corner of the kitchen looked. A rosemary tree, blooming paperwhites, and a small evergreen tree were the Christmas greenery. A white stoneware pot holding blue ribbed glass ornaments and a small blue holiday cushion added more obvious Christmas decor. 

Christmas Kitchen Plate Stand Decorated in Sunspace
Just two days before Christmas, this is how the same corner in the kitchen looked. 

As the season progressed into December, new plants were added and others were rearranged to keep the space looking nice. The paperwhites will be removed soon. 

For a kitchen filled with blue and white all during the year, green is an excellent color choice to add Christmas touches. No red is needed to update the space to a holiday look, but a new small evergreen tree in a red container adds a definite Christmas-y look. 

Christmas Kitchen Plate Stand Top Two Shelves Decorated in Sunspace
The top shelf now holds a small evergreen tree in place of the rosemary tree because the rosemary tree began dying. Some years I have better luck with keeping potted rosemary trees alive, but this year is not one of them. 

A small ivy trained in the shape of a wreath is a favorite plant for Christmas and the following winter months. 

On the second shelf is a preserved boxwood bouquet refreshed with white and gold spray paint.

Christmas Kitchen Plate Stand Bottom Decorated in Sunspace
 The dying rosemary tree now sits on the floor in a white flower pot with ruffled edges. A large green moss ball fills the vintage crock that previously held the small evergreen now on the top shelf. 

More paperwhites are being forced into bloom for the coming deep winter months.

Christmas Kitchen Sunspace with Blooming Paperwhites
The paperwhites forced into bloom beginning in November have grown tall and soon will be finished blooming. The newer ones just being forced into bloom will take their place on the child's high chair. 

Christmas Kitchen Sunspace with Blooming Paperwhites Tied with Noel Ribbon
A noël ribbon tied around the paperwhite stems helps keep the stems upright when they grow tall. 

Christmas Kitchen Sunspace Greenery Decorated with Ornament Tree Stake Reindeer Bowl
More touches of Christmas are a white metal JOY ornament, a green metal tree stake, and a white reindeer bowl. Little touches add holiday style to the green plants.  

Most of the plants will remain in place after Christmas and into the coming winter months. That is one advantage of potted greenery over fresh-cut greenery that is short lived. 

The kitchen plate stand will continue to add touches of green color long after the Christmas decorations have been put away. 


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