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Small Vanity Master Bathroom | Update 2

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A few changes to the small vanity in the master bathroom began around the second week of March. On April 19, I shared the progress of the changes. Today is update #2 on changes to the small vanity area in the master bedroom. 

Everything on my to-do list is not finished, but most items are checked off, plus a handful of items added during the work also have been completed. 

Here is how the small vanity area looks today. With just white paint, a new mirror, and some electrical connection changes the space looks much brighter. 

small vanity painted white with a new white wood carved mirror

M A S T E R   B A T H R O O M   S M A L L   V A N I T Y   

U P D A T E   2 

Take a peek at how this area looked BEFORE work began. 

small vanity area in master bathroom BEFORE changes
 The electrical outlet beneath the mirror and behind the water faucet was the change that took the longest and cost the most money. 

small vanity in master bathroom new electrical covers andwall switch new location
Moving the electrical outlet started a chain of more changes. New white ceramic covers drew attention to the ivory colored electrical switch and wall plugs. 

If details make a difference to you, you should remember to check how new electrical covers will look with your existing electrical connections. 

small vanity in master bathroom new ceramic wall plug cover with old ivory electrical connection
The plugs even looked distressed over the contrast in colors.  They look like an emoji face with a frown and downturned mouth! 😮 

small vanity in master bathroom new white ceramic electrical covers with new white electrical connection
Since the electrician was working at the house relocating the wall plug and doing a couple of other changes not related to the bathroom, I had him change all the electrical connections from ivory to white throughout the master bathroom while he was here. 

small vanity in master bathroom with a new white wood carved mirror
A new distressed white carved wood mirror replaced the plain sheet glass mirror above the vanity. 

I found this mirror at Kirkland's the day I went to have KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms sign my copy of her new book, The DIY Home Planner

small vanity in master bathroom with a new white wood carved mirror
The details are nice, but the mirror is not quite big enough for the space. Later this summer, there will be a mirror shuffle when I replace this small mirror with a larger one with more French style. 

white vanity in master bathroom with blue ceramic tile, post and beam ceiling, before new blue wall paint
Since the sheetrock had to be painted after moving the electrical plug, I had the entire master bathroom's sheetrock painted at the same time. If you look closely, you can see how the paint had faded over time. The sheetrock behind the large mirror over the master bathroom's large vanity was darker than the surrounding areas. 

small white vanity area in master bathroom has baseboards with new white paint
Some of the baseboard needed repainting also. 

small white vanity area in master bathroom baseboards corner coped to fit adjoining baseboard
Look how beautiful the cut follows the shape of the baseboard. The Long Tall Texan installed all the baseboards in our house when we built over thirty years ago and made special cuts for the corners. 

small white vanity area in master bathroom baseboards corner coped to fit adjoining baseboard
If you want directions for how to join baseboards together in corners, see my PIN, How To Cope Joints, on my Pinterest board, Creatively Made Home. The PIN takes you to complete directions, including videos, for how to cut baseboard and crown molding. 

small white vanity area in master bathroom with natural wood and joist ceiling  AFTER vanity and baseboards painted
Remember the reason for painting the vanity white? To get more light into the bathroom. 

My house is a post and beam house, and all the ceilings are  the underside of exposed tongue-and-groove flooring above exposed joists. The wood absorbs the light much more than white painted surfaces. 

small white vanity area in master bathroom with French blue and white toile ottoman
Fresh paint on the vanity, walls, and baseboards makes the space feel so much better. 

Now it's time to add those special details that will give my bathroom a French Country look I love. I am adding more French Country details to go with the ottoman that was already in the bathroom before the update to the small vanity area.  

The single most effective way you can add French country to any space is by adding a French style piece of furniture, such as a chair or ottoman. See how the space was instantly transformed into a French Country look with the ottoman? 


  • √ Vanity painted (and painted, and painted, and painted) 
  • √ New hardware attached 
  • √ New baseboard added 
  • √ Move existing wall plug to the right 
  • √ Change existing ivory electrical connections to white 
  • √ Paint sheetrock and baseboards 
  • √ Faucet cleaned -- need to clean periodically with mineral deposit remover 
  • √ Add French Details -- see upcoming posts 
  • ½√ French towels and accessories added -- more French toiletries needed 
  • ½√ New mirror -- but not big enough; a new mirror is on order. 

Still To Do 

  • Change curtains to a new French style 
  • Hang the new mirror when it arrives 
  • Find a new medicine cabinet 
  • Add more French details 


Any suggestions for a source for a cute French style medicine cabinet? 

In an upcoming post, I will share a few French details in the master bathroom. 

Thank you for reading and for leaving comments.  

Be sure to check back for my replies to your comments when you leave a comment. Right now I am not receiving your comments in my email inbox and cannot reply by email. I am on the computer technician's schedule for updating my blog, but there are a few people on the schedule before me. Help is on the way. 


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