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Kitchen Island Spring Nesting | Design Challenge

Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring brings out the feather-my-nest instincts to create pretty arrangements on the kitchen island. Then over the course of several days I continue to fluff my nest by adding some elements, removing some items, and rearranging others. It reminds me of a saying my mother had, "Can't get your nest made?" 

kitchen island spring nesting arrangement design challenge

Like nests in the wild, there are some twigs, a little greenery, and a few brightly colored objects in the kitchen island arrangement. A striped amaryllis adds a touch of spring green. 

kitchen island spring nesting arrangement design challenge bunny native flowers
The white ceramic bunny is the brightest spot on the counter, but the blue-eyed native grasses are the most eye-catching... inside on the counter. Outside they can be overlooked since blue recedes into the background unlike white and yellow flowers. 

kitchen island spring arrangement native blue eyed grass flowers
Blue-eyed grasses fill the low lying ditches in the countryside each spring and will only last a few days inside. Each evening, both inside and out, the blooms close up and reopen again the next morning. They grow about 8-10 inches tall in large wide clusters since they naturalize and spread. 

kitchen island DIY nest in black metal glass conservatory
With the nest-feathering urge each year comes the urge to use bird's nests -- the wilder, the better. A rustic black metal and glass conservatory often houses a man-made bird's nest. 

kitchen island DIY nest with faux blackberry vines berries
Rustic angel vines form the nest, and a rustic faux blackberry vine adds another layer of natural  looking twigs. 

kitchen island DIY nest with angel vines, spotted bird feathers
Soft Spanish moss lines the center of the nest. A couple of white spotted small feathers suggest the female bird just flew away. 

kitchen island DIY nest with faux egg, spotted bird feathers
Two or three dried hydrangea petals replicate things birds in the wild use to feather their nests. The final touch of authenticity is a small speckled faux bird egg. 

kitchen island spring nesting design challenge
A preserved boxwood cone is a staple for most groupings around the house, not just the kitchen island. 

D E S I G N   C H A L L E N G E 

kitchen island spring nesting design challenge description
Here's how the kitchen island spring nesting arrangement looks, but after looking at the photos, I see a couple of ways I would rearrange this grouping to improve the overall design --- in my eyes. 

Forever fluffing. 


Take a 


What would you rearrange to improve this? 

  • Look only at the five items in the grouping.
  • Ignore the photo composition --- pots, pans, baskets hanging from the pot rack, visible in the photo. The photo composition is not part of your challenge. Nor is the shelf in the background. 
  • Do not add anything or remove anything --- just suggest ways of rearranging --- in the comments below.
  • Tell WHAT and WHY you would rearrange the objects. 
  • Have fun. 

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