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Create Unexpected Fall Decor

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Muted Natural Fall Colors 

call for unexpected fall decor. 

As seasons change, we see a difference in Mother Nature's attire. As Fall arrives, colors in nature change. For some parts of the world, green leaves fade to yellow, orange, and red, and then drop to the ground creating a vivid palette.  In other areas, like Texas, color changes are more muted, without the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Instead, deep green leaves fade to paler green as they lose their summer color, then change straight to brown. 

Fall comes in all shades, and home Fall decor can also come in all shades. Subdued Fall displays still celebrate the changing seasons and can give an unexpected fresh look to your home. 

If you are like me and shudder at decorating with orange and brown, RELAX, and create unexpected Fall decor by using muted colors instead. Plus, you do not have to use cornstalks, acorns, or pumpkins to create a little Fall magic in your home. 


Ready to see how to create unexpected Fall decor? 

Start with what you love. 

You already have lots of things you love that you use year round. Think about your favorite decorating style. For me, that is easy... French country is my favorite style. Then choose items in your style that remind you of Fall. They do not have to be typical, routine items normally used for Fall. 

A large white flower urn decorated with a raised French-style emblem reminds me of Fall because the emblem is rustic with small brown areas peeking through the white finish. 

Colorful summer hydrangeas fade to dried green florets as Fall approaches. What better way to decorate for Fall than with a favorite flower as it transitions into Fall? Hydrangeas are not normally considered a Fall flower because they are at their prime in the summer. Yet, FADED hydrangea blossoms are perfect muted Fall colors. 

Chrysanthemums are considered Fall flowers because they bloom during this season. An unexpected twist comes from using colors other than yellow, orange, and red. White chrysanthemums go with any color scheme which means you can add Fall to your home without changing your entire living room upholstery. 

Candles offer a warm glow as shorter days bring earlier nightfalls. Their flickering lights give a cozy feeling on overcast, cool days. 

Neutral colors, grey, black, and white, allow a candle to be used year round in different seasonal settings. A candle decorated with a French script and a crown fits well with muted French country Fall decor.   

A medieval French-style print of an angel is not a typical Fall design. However, the creamy white background, creamy yellow robe, and brown in the script, flower, and curls suggest colors of Fall. 

Any one of the items used alone may not create a Fall look, but using them together creates an unexpected Fall grouping. 


A Fall grouping created by 

  1. Muted Fall colors in a French-style urn 
  2. Faded and drying summer flowers 
  3. Candlelight from a French script candle 
  4. Fall subtle colors (browns and creams) in a French-style print 

Together the four items create 

a little French country Fall  

for unexpected Fall decor. 

Fall arrives on Friday, September 22, 2017 at 3:02 PM (CDT). 


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