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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Chair for a Desk

Monday, August 14, 2017

...a versatile chair with French style can fit several places in a French-inspired garden and home... 

even as a desk chair 

Finding a French style chair for a desk may be easier than you think. You just have to know where to look... beyond antique French chairs in French flea markets. Instead of looking at flea markets for vintage chairs or at office furniture stores for new chairs, look at dining chairs. 


And, instead of looking only at matched chairs surrounding a large dining table in the main show room, browse through the store's section containing sale items. That's where you will find a lone dining chair heavily discounted because there aren't enough chairs like it for a complete set to go with a matching table. 

That's where this beauty was sitting, all alone, jumbled together with damaged pieces, mismatched lamps missing their shades, other single dining chairs, ... 

The wood carved frame around the cane back gives the little chair élégant character which was the first thing that made the chair stand out in the cluttered sale room. 

Yes, the lone chair has pedigreed French style and is quite at home holding a large urn with white hydrangeas. The French details fit nicely with the myrtle topiaries in a French wire plant stand and a zinc crown with fleur de lis. 

The white-washed pale carved wood frame coordinates with natural pine posts and beams. 

Carved wood details add character, but are not too elaborate for a simple wooden style of a country house. Yet, the carvings are detailed and polished enough to blend with a formal city house. 

The padded upholstered seat is comfortable, and the seat is the right height to fit under a desk, the same height as a dining table. 

Details make the difference between a utilitarian chair that fills the basic requirements compared to a beautiful chair that does more and adds style to a room. Curved chair legs are features that add French style to a room. 

A lone mismatched side dining chair with an upholstered seat is a versatile chair. Side chairs are easier to move around than arm chairs, take less space, and allow "elbow room" while working at a desk. 

In a pinch, the chair can add extra seating in a living room, be pulled up to a dining table for an extra place, or fit in a tight spot in a guest bedroom. 

Or, it can serve as a French style desk chair. 

Where have you found a special furniture piece in an unexpected place?