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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Design on Friday 23

Friday, July 14, 2017

French Celebrations 
~ Bastille Day ~

JULY 14 
le 14 juillet

French design for national celebrations has much in common with national celebrations in the United States, beginning with hurrah for the red, white, and bleu that appears throughout celebrations in both countries. 

Both national flags sport red, white, and bleu, but the two bleus are not quite the same shade. The French flag is known as the Tricolore for its equal-sized bands of bleu, white, and red and was born out of the French Revolution in 1789 which was influenced by the American Revolution of 1776.  

France's official website states the national flag uses bleu, white, and red as representing both the king and Paris. White represents the traditional color of the House of Bourbon who ruled France from the 16th century to the revolution. Whereas, red and blue represent the colors that were flown by revolutionaries in the city of Paris. 

Public Domain: Prise de la Bastille by Jean-Pierre Houlës
During the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, revolutionaries wore red, white, and blue ribbons.  

In 1790, the first Fête de la Fédération honoring the French Revolution was held in Paris and attended by delegations from countries around the world, including American statesmen. The American flag was flown as part of the celebration in Paris which was the first time the Stars and Stripes were flown outside the United States. Lafayette gave the key to the Bastille to American President George Washington, and the key remains on display at Mount Vernon, home of President Washington. 

liberté ~ égalité ~ fraternité 

freedom - equality - fraternity 

was the motto of the French Revolution and is now the national motto of France.  

For those who seek authentic French design in their homes, celebrating July 14 as a day of freedom, equality, and fraternity is a way to enjoy vive le france in a 

French-inspired garden and home. 

See French National Anthem, La Marseillaise, for some patriotic French music for your fête de la fédération.

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