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New Year's Eve Birthday Cake

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Eve Birthday Cake 

Every year there is a world-wide birthday party on my sister's birthday. A huge crowd gathers in Times Square in New York City; indeed in all major cities around the world. Party goers count down... 10, 9, 8, ... 2, 1... to the instant her birthday ends, and a huge glittering ball drops. Fireworks erupt, streamers descend, champagne corks pop, and strangers kiss one another.

She is another year older. 

The birthday celebration is a little more subdued at our house, but nonetheless joyous. We celebrate with cake, presents, and flowers. This year the cake was coconut cake topped with raspberries and wax flowers. 

Our secret between us... start with a cake purchased from a bakery and add fruit and flowers to decorate it. The cake goes from just being a cake to a special cake for a special occasion. 

La Madeleine, a French bistro and bakery in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, makes delicious cakes that are moist and flavor-filled. This coconut cake has creamy, pudding-like icing between the yellow cake layers and tastes heavenly... homemade.

Better than homemade.

TIP 1: Check whether the flowers you plan to use are toxic before putting them on a cake. Just search online. "Are wax flowers toxic?" Insert the name of the flower you want to use in place of the underlined wax flowers in the sample question. 

TIP 2: By using some of the wax flowers in a bouquet of peach-tinged roses, the party bouquet coordinates with the cake. Subtle details like repeating colors, textures, or flowers create a finished look to party decorations. Most people are not aware of the details that make the difference in final touches, but their minds sense the unity created by repetitive use of colors, textures, or flowers. 

With just a little extra added to a ready-made cake, the cake and party become very special... worthy of a spectacular new year's eve celebration... with a minimum of time, money, and expertise. 

Happy New Year 

and happy birthday, Sister. 
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