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Wild Honeysuckle Vine Topiary

Monday, July 11, 2016

French design and inspiration pops up in the most unusual spots. Driving along the country road to my brother's house in farmland Alabama, I spotted a wild honeysuckle vine topiary trained around a fence post. 

A rusty barbed wire fence strung between simple metal posts encloses a pasture. The owner must be a true gardner with a love for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

A wild native honeysuckle vine has been trained to grow around the fence post. 

Not every fence post has a topiary which suggests that the owner uses wild honeysuckle vines wherever they grow near a fence post instead of planting honeysuckle vines for the express purpose of creating topiaries. 

No supplemental watering or fertilizing needed, just periodic pruning, to enjoy the beauty of the trained vine. Honeysuckles smell divine, and their fragrance is strong enough to scent the air from afar. 

I wonder how often the vine must be pruned to maintain the topiary shape. 

Along the same fence line is another wild vine topiary fashioned from a trumpet vine. 

Wild honeysuckle grows in a couple of places in the two acres surrounding my house in Texas, and I am always looking for ways to incorporate more French design into my landscape.  The fence post topiaries have inspired me to install a wooden post midst the honeysuckle vines to create a wild topiary. Perhaps I will install more than one post to create a series of honeysuckle topiaries. 

Fence post topiaries illustrate French Country joie de vivre... 

... enjoying life by using 
everyday things in elegant ways ... 

Training wild honeysuckle vines as topiaries on fence posts is now on my ever-growing to-do gardening list.


  1. Set up sprinklers/hoses in backyard 
  2. Add a white limestone wall on the hillside to create a level flower bed under the bird bath
  3. Add composted-leaf soil to the new flower area under the bird bath
  4. Mix gardening soil from home improvement store in with the composted-leaf soil
  5. Plant white coneflowers and white false dragonhead flowers in new flower bed
  7. ........

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  1. Oh, now that is GORGEOUS!!!! Our neighbor is doing this very thing on the chain link fence on his side and it's a great remedy to the urban, metal fence. LOVELY!

  2. Pretty! I saw something similar that I think happened by accident here in Rockwall. It was trumpet vine though. :)

  3. I have wild honeysuckle growing along our fence line and it never occurred to me to create a topiary. After seeing your pictures, I think I may try it! I love the idea of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  4. I love this. I had honeysuckle forever and then I guess the shade took over and it is no more in my yard. I do have trumpet vine which is a favorite of mine.

  5. Love this, and love the fact that you spotted it. '-)
    Wouldn't be fun if all ranchers and farmers did this along their fence lines?

  6. I love all topiaries but this one is quite spectacular and unusual. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Gorgeous. Summer is such a heady combination of laziness and fun.

  8. Can you imagine how wonderul a row of honeysuckle would smell for a summer wedding? The topiary with little doves would be so cute!

  9. Love honeysuckle and turning it into a topiary is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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