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Bee Breakfast Table - Display Favorite Pages

Monday, April 4, 2016

Inspired by bees buzzing around a HUGE clump of rosemary plants, April's l'heure bleue collage was BEES. From there, another simple and quick table centerpiece for the breakfast table sprang to my mind. 

One with bees.

b z z z z z....... 

bee breakfast table

Table centerpieces can be grounded with pages from magazines, with old letters, with music pages, or with prints. This is one of my favorite ways to add interest to a centerpiece and to display images that echo the theme of the 3-D objects. 

The iron bee and the blue free print from Victoria magazine were the two things that began this collection of bees on the breakfast table. 

The other two paper images came from a magazine and an advertisement brochure.  I pull out pages from magazines, flyers, and catalogs before disposing of them and save the pictures in a small file box. 

As you can see, displaying favorite pages from magazines doesn't have to be on the wall, on a bulletin board, or hung as part of a banner. Best of all, using them as the base of a centerpiece, they are up close so you can read the captions.  

Paper has always SPOKEN to me and still does even though I also collect electronic images on PINTEREST. See a link to my PINTEREST board about bees, BEE  BUZZZZZ, at the end of this post. 

Bees go where the flowers are. A bee breakfast table calls for a pot of fresh flowers like this 4-inch bedding pot of blue lobelia. Flowers on the table don't have to be large bouquets or expensive. Small 4-inch bedding plants are inexpensive and make a bigger impact on the table when placed inside a larger container. Preserved moss hides the plastic bedding pot, but still allows the plant to be watered.

Added benefits of using small bedding plants are 1] they will live longer inside than cut flowers, 2] there are many more varieties for bedding plant flowers than there are for cut flowers at the grocery store, 3] bedding plants are inexpensive, even less expensive than grocery store flowers, and 4] they can be transplanted outside for enjoying all summer. 

The small blue mixing bowl is from Williams and Sonoma, but has a crack making it no longer usable for cooking. I almost threw that bowl away when I noticed the crack, but kept it because I love the French bleu color. 

Have you noticed that antique dealers have no qualms about selling vintage items with cracks in them? Just consider this an antique in the making. You probably have some in your home, too, that would be great bowls for holding flowers potted in a plastic pot...  before you sell your cracked bowls to antique dealers. 

Bee calm and bzzzzz on... 

PINTEREST link to 
Bee Buzzzzz 

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  1. The flowers are enchanting in your lovely bowl. Great idea to use it another way.

  2. Adorable. I love the iron bee. So cute. I have a grasshopper and ladybug but not an iron bee. That glass piece is a darling.

  3. What an interesting tip about the paper as background. Shall remember that one!

  4. Judith... looks so pretty. Love the idea of using the 4 in bedding plants! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Oh your blues are so JOYOUS! Buzz on chère Judith!

  6. I am yearning for mild weather and the buzz of bees

  7. I am yearning for mild weather and the buzz of bees

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely post. I am in love with the bee.

  9. Your bees are so cute! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  10. Love the bees and hives! As always, chock full of ideas and inspiration! Have a "bee utiful day!

  11. Love this Judith! I have a collection of honey pots and decorate with bees now and then. I need to search for some fabulous images like these. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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