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Decorating With Shades of Spring

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Decorating for Spring doesn't have to be elaborate, complicated, or expensive. 
This time of year nature provides free flowers which makes adding a little color 
to the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom simple, quick, and easy. 
Decorating with shades of Spring can be as easy as adding 
just a sprig or two of muscari, grape hyacinths, to white bowls and pitchers 
and placing them on the kitchen island.  

Look around the house for everyday items like sugar bowls, cream pitchers, 
or small glasses that can double as vases for short flowers like grape hyacinths. 
The container does not have to be filled with flowers. 

In fact, using just two or three stems per container allows the 
individual blossoms to take center stage. 

Maximize the impact of only a handful of flowers by 
grouping three containers together with two to four blooms in each container. 
Add a couple of green leaves in each container to provide a natural setting for the blooms, 
but take care not to overwhelm the blooms by too much greenery. 

The flowers, not the green stems, are the stars in this arrangement. 

By using containers all the same color, the arrangement is seen 
by the brain as one large group instead of three small groups. 

White containers recede to the background and allow the eyes to be drawn 
to the color of the flowers without competition from the containers. 
Clear vases or jelly glasses would also recede to the background. 

Add interest to the grouping by using containers with different heights and shapes. 
Including the sugar bowl lid adds another height to the grouping. 

Using containers with texture is another way to make the arrangement 
more interesting to both sight and touch. 

Remember that an odd number of items is more interesting than even number. 
This grouping has three containers and two smaller accents (lid and egg) 
making the total number of items five. 

Just one small blue speckled egg is all that it takes to add a subtle touch of Easter. 

What shades of Spring do you have in your yard that you use to decorate? 

It could be a yellow daffodils, white pear limbs, pink peach blossoms, 
purple redbud twigs, white irises, yellow forsythia stems, ... 


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