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A Fast Inexpensive Spring Touch

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring rarely arrives as quickly as most people want. 

Christmas is the highlight of the year for many, 
and Valentine's Day is filled with love, 
but shortly thereafter 

the  w.e.a.r.i.n.e.s.s  of Winter 

begins to make us long for Spring. 
With no more Winter holidays to brighten our days, 
we look ahead longing for new life, warmer days, and blue skies. 

We look for 

How do we dispel Winter's GLOOM while it 
is still too cold to plant outside? 
"How," you ask, "do we find Spring?" 

Here are my go-to ways for how to find Spring 
that always works for me. 
Takes me from Winter lethargy to a 
s-p-r-i-n-g in my step and humming June is Bustin' Out All Over 
long before March goes out like a lamb. 

What better way to combat the dreariness of overcast skies 
and frigid temperatures than to d r e a m about Spring? 
To dream by looking at seed catalogs, 
planning flower beds, and creating diagrams for vegetable gardens?  

Then when bedding plants arrive in the garden centers, 
 dreams begin to become realities.  

Bringing small four-inch pots of lavender into the kitchen 
is a fast inexpensive Spring touch that banishes Winter inside. 

Just two little lavender plants create an indoor garden 
that smells divine, feels fresh, and looks beautiful. 

Easy, Fast, Inexpensive... 
No green-thumb required... 

Set two pots inside a large oval bowl that will catch water that drains from the pots. 
Use a large oval serving platter to protect furniture from moisture. 
Leave the bedding plants in their original plastic containers to make 
it easy to transplant the lavender outside after the last freeze. 

Until the last freeze, enjoy a little touch of Spring inside in a sunny window. 

Herbs of any kind will not only provide a little Spring green, 
they will also provide fresh scents to the kitchen and 
fresh flavors to homemade recipes. 

Try mint, basil, rosemary or sage as well as lavender for a fast inexpensive Spring touch. 

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