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A Camera Right For You - Step 2

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This series on searching for a camera came from what
I discovered when I was searching for a camera right for me.

How do you find the camera that is right for you? 

Have you analyzed the kinds of photos you take or want to take?

Then you may want to read the last post in this series,

A Camera Right For You - Step 1

✯ 1...  Analyze how you will use the camera. 

for suggestions on how to begin your search.

Then come back here for this post,

✯ 2... Read about cameras from a variety of sources. 

As you read about cameras make notes in your notebook about the ones that
appear to have the features for the kinds of photos you want to take.


You probably are not surprised that PINTEREST is
a great source for photography tips.
There are many PINS about comparing Canon and Nikon cameras
that neatly summarize lists of features for the two brands.
Some other useful PINs are for "cheat sheets", how-to posts,
and comparisons of accessories.

Botanic Bleu Photography Tips PINTEREST Board

Recently I created a new PINTEREST board, Photography Tips,
to help me research DSLR cameras and how to use them
with plans to visit and revisit the sites over the coming months
as I learn how to use whatever camera is right for me.


Reading your favorite bloggers' posts about the cameras they use
will give you ideas about cameras that may meet your needs also.
Ann of On Sutton Place wrote a very helpful post,
10 Photography Lessons Learned

Photos, including using a collage, inspired by other bloggers...  

Some bloggers share pictures that inspire me to take photos like theirs.
Seeing beautiful photos brightens my life and gives me ideas
for how to arrange things in my home.
I want to be that kind of blogger... one that inspires others.

Part of me is driven always to do the best I can.
Credit my dad... and mother.
One of Daddy's phrases was, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well."
He didn't say it had to be perfect,
but he did say it needed to be done well.
More than once in my childhood either Daddy or Mother had me
redo something I had done because it was not a very good job the first time.
Now there were times a job was not perfect, but
they did not make me redo it.

The size of photos, the placement on the post, the composition of the
items in the photo, the text written on the image, the clarity of the photo,
and the watermark of the blogger are all things that catch my attention.

Therefore, I read what they have to say about their camera choices.

Search the archives of favorite blog sites for the word camera or photography.
Read the blog sites that appeal to YOU and that have posts about the same topics as YOU.
Is it any surprise that my blog reading list for cameras below
includes blog writers with a French twist?

Below are just some of the blog sites that I read for camera/photography information.
There were other sites I read also, but the posts were not about DSLR cameras.
Some of my favorite bloggers have never shared
information I could find about their cameras.
All the posts below refer to DSLR cameras.

Essential Photography Tips for Your Blog by Janet @ Shabbyfufu

What Camera Should I Buy by Anita @ Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Photography - Keep It Simple by Courtney @ French Country Cottage

A side note... :) 
I was a high school math teacher and have a master's degree in mathematics 
which means...  
I understand the math equation that befuddled Courtney  
in French Country Cottage's post, 
and had to smile when I read her comments.  
Even with an advanced degree in mathematics, 
I still want photography explanations about ISO, f-stop, etc... 
that are simple to understand. 
Yes, please keep it simple.

Botanic Bleu Photo Styling PINTEREST Board

See another one of my PINTEREST boards, Photo Styling,
for a collection of photos that I found worthy of studying
for ideas on eye-catching photo compositions.


Read websites specifically written about photography.
Many sites include reviews of cameras and accessories
with a list of pros and cons for different brands.
An example of a photography site review is 

Source: bestreviews

This is just one of thousands of sites that review cameras.
Read several to get a balanced overall review.


Manufacturers' websites have so much information they get an entire post of their own.
Next time, A Camera Right For You - Step 3, is

✯ 3... Research brands and models.

Until then, remember to update your notes in your notebook
about your search on PINTEREST, blogger sites, and photography sites
while searching for a camera right for you.
Include the date, source, and address for each note so
you can find the information later.

You may already have enough information to cross
some cameras and/or lenses off your search list.

Do you have a favorite source about
cameras/photography that you recommend others read?


Please join me at these inspiring sites...

Dishing It and Digging It @ Rustic and Refined




  1. Great post! If buying a DSLR, you could always get a cheaper body because most of the power is in the lens. I have an old canon rebel T1i... my cousin has a much newer and more expensive version. But it uses the same lenses... just my two cents ;-) Also, I find it ISO, F stop and what-not confusing still.

  2. Judy, this is such a great post! I'm a Canon girl...I picked up a Canon film camera and there was no turning back! :-) While I've been a professional photographer (weddings and portraits) for almost 20 years, it has been difficult for me to take photos of food and of my home. One would think it would come naturally but it doesn't, as the subjects are quite different to photograph. Sooooo, I've had to start from scratch and learn all over again!

  3. Judith,
    I appreciate this in depth and informative look at the math and science of photography.
    Just like you, it is important to me to be the blogger that has quality photos.
    I think I do need a new camera I have an old Nikon 40 and even though I am diligent about the quality of the photo they are still falling short.
    Thank you,

  4. Judith,
    I had given up and decided that I would use "auto" forever, until I read this post. Your Pinterest board is amazing. I have just now pinned most of it! Thank you for such great information. I hope it will show in my photos soon.

  5. I didn't have a choice in my new camera because my son gave me his camera - a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It is heavier than I would like with my arthritis issues in my hand, but I am slowly learning how to use it.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.


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