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Whisper Mountain ~ Life Is Good, Part 1

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Whisper Mountain - Part 1

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Life is good.  Summertime in Alabama with rain, evening breezes, and homegrown tomatoes whispers quietly about living unhurriedly with time for friends, family, laughter, and reflection. 
However, mid-August is humid from the summer rains and makes one long for cooler weather. As my sister, my brother, and I spent time together this August, we found ourselves talking about a short trip to the mountains. 

Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina has been on my sister's list of places to visit for many years.  Each time we were at home in Alabama she would ask, "How far is it to Biltmore?  How long does it take to drive there from here?  Do you think we could go while we're here?"  Then we would get caught up in visiting with Mother, with our brothers' families, with extended relatives, and then find ourselves short of time to do all we wished before rushing home to Texas and California to our jobs, to our responsibilities, and to our decidedly even more hurried lives. 

This summer, however, found all three of us siblings retired, with schedules that could be rearranged.  Found us living unhurriedly and listening to quiet whispers of life.  With just a week's planning, my sister-in-law found, on the internet, a mountain rental house with handicapped accessibility.  We packed our brother's van and along with some of my brother's and sister-in-law's friends, headed to Whisper Mountain, North Carolina, thirty minutes from Biltmore Estate.  

Our three-bedroom rental house was high up on Whisper Mountain.  Temperatures were in the low 80s as we began our ascent at the base of the mountain, and a cool 72 greeted us as we stepped from the van onto the rental house's driveway, six hours after leaving north Alabama.  Smiles and laughter all around.... deep breathing of cool mountain air. 

Four sitting areas under two covered porches ran the length of the house overlooking the mountains and valleys below. 

Far below us we could see only one other house, and we found ourselves on a hushed mountain rustling with whispers of late summer. 

Before even unpacking our vehicle and before going into the house, we sat on the porches, staring into the quiet beauty surrounding us, each of us lost in our own thoughts, and then collectively, marveling at how lucky we were to find such a fantastic house to rent on such short notice. 

Out of sight from the long main covered porches is yet another outdoor sitting area, located outside a first-floor guest bedroom.  

After rain during our first night, we awoke to fog rising and looked DOWN on it from the covered porches.  None of us were disappointed about the rain and fog.  Instead, we LOVED it! 

Rain fell off and on, and the fog grew denser and higher, all during our first day there.  

The covered porch outside the living room had comfy chairs and a long sofa with deep cushions grouped around a gas fire pit.  No gathering firewood, struggling to light the fire... no, just turn on the gas.  With soft throws to snuggle in around the fire, everyone was contented to visit with one another as we snacked and enjoyed the soft summer rains that fell straight down. 

That is, until someone found the dominoes.  Then it was round after round of dominoes at the outdoor dining table until late in the afternoon with the sun peeking out.  

A couple of people gathered green twigs to make holders for roasting marshmallows and for making s'mores as night fell.  Temperatures in the 60s, good friends and family, and beautiful surroundings...  Can't get any better than that.

Or so we thought.  Then one day, we saw the sunshine and were eye-level with the clouds!  

What an incredible view of the valley.  Temperatures in the 70s and crisp, clear air... 

L I F E   I S   G O O D 

This was just the outside of the Whisper Mountain rental house.  Of course, it's hard to beat the location, but the inside of the house is also stunning.  

Come back next time for 

Whisper Mountain - Part 2 

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Anyone interested in visiting Luck House, Whisper Mountain, North Carolina 
can find detailed rental information at 
New Mountain Craftsman Home Near Asheville, North Carolina

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