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Wish for a White Flower

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sometimes I think I may have a fairy godmother, 
or perhaps, a tender-hearted angel, who watches over me 
and hears my heart's wishes. 

With all the unusual amounts of rain in May, 
the roadsides are still green into June and, for us in Texas, 
even could be called lush with blooms. 
For the first time, I noticed a large wild shrub 
with graceful fronds loaded with white flowers 
all along the roadsides and near wooded areas. 

For several days, I thought to myself, 
I wish I had some of those white flowers... 
thought I need to take my clippers on the next errand 
and cut some of those flowers. 

Then, while doing a little yard work, 
I found one of those white-flowering bushes 
at the edge of my woods. 
In all the 28 years I've lived here, 
I had never seen this bush. 

And, it is NOT a small bush... 
multi-trunks, over ten feet tall, and over ten feet wide. 

Perhaps this is the first year this bush has bloomed in my woods. 

Perhaps my tender-hearted angel opened my eyes 
to see what has always been before me. 

White spent petals covered the path that leads into the deep woods, 
and the air was filled with a light fragrance.  

With a light heart, smiling to myself, I gathered several branches, 
and filled containers throughout the house. 

A little container here, a little container there.... 

Combined, the little containers are another red, white, and blue 
gathering for the summer patriotic holidays. 

Yes, I think I may have an angel who hears my heart's wishes. 

Another heart's wish this summer was to be part of 
a home tour with others. 

I am so excited! 
Brenda from Cozy Little House 
is hosting a 

Summer Cottage Garden Party 
and invited me! 

featuring plants and flowers in 
garden spaces, decks, porches, containers...  

Mark your calendar to be sure you don't miss 
all the summer gardens on 

June 18, 2015

If you read the blogs in the party, you know what 
wonderful gardens, flowers, and ideas all these blogs offer routinely. 

If you haven't read some of these bloggers before, 
the Summer Cottage Garden Party will be a perfect time to begin. 

Please join me at these inspiring sites...