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Signature Color - Peach

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Do you have a signature color? 
A color that everyone in your family, 
and your closest friends
know you love with a passion? 
A color that says your name? 

p e a c h 
a signature color 

How does someone develop a signature color? 

For some it is an immediate attraction from an early age. 
In childhood their dresses, hair ribbons, and toys are this color. 
Then their wedding china is Fitz and Floyd Renaissance Peach. 

For some they discover their color of choice over the years. 
Perhaps when a paint card suggests a new wall color 
that suddenly becomes the backdrop that complements 
the colors of objects collected over time. 
And, becomes the backdrop for peachy fresh roses. 

Peach and lavender - complements on the color wheel 
Peach and creme - almost monochromatic 
Peach and natural wood tones - shades of the orange family 

Soft colors of peach and creme seem fitting to renew old walls and old desks. 
The walls of a 1920s house and the desk from a junk shop and an undetermined era...  

The desk creates a feminine office space in one section of the living room. 

Vintage blue and purple bottles and a reproduction lamp are objects 
collected over time that peach walls help make focal points on the desk. 
No competition, just complements. 

An African violet sitting on a lavender filled wooden tray is also 
complemented by the peaches and cremes of the room. 

Whites, cremes, and beiges are warmed by the mellow pine shelves 
and the tinges of peach in the magnolia blossom's center. 

p e a c h 
a signature color  

b l e u 
my signature color


Do you have a signature color? 
Or does your color preference change? 



  1. My color is bleu too! Aqua, cobalt, just about any shade of blue you can share is what I LOVE! And then coupled with other colors such as peach (gorgeous, Judith!) and yellow, even black, blue is LIFE!

    What a darling little chippy aqua box for those hydrangeas! Bonne journée, Anita

  2. Robin's egg blue. Always has been, always will be. :)
    Lovely post as always, Judith!

  3. Love this post Judith. Your photos are stunning, so many beautiful ideas offered. My signature color my entire life has been the deep hue of terra-cotta as in the color of my exposed brick in our home. I see that color and feel warmth and hugged. Mixed in with greys and Bleus totally delights me.

  4. Beautiful color choice. I am working with peach right now on some decorations for my son's fiancee's bridal shower. All the bridesmaids know that I love to create so I get to help. Her color is orange, but I am using lots of shades from pale to bold.

    My color of choice is "color" - lots of bright colors everywhere!

  5. My color preferences change, depending upon the house we are living in. In our current home in TN, I've tried to stay neutral because of the yellow walls. In our loft in Texas, I could use just about any color and it would work. In our home in Alabama, I used muted colors. At my core, I seem to be a "soft, pastel" color person, who likes a pop of bold color here and there. I do have 2 or 3 red accent pieces here and there. I love your work, so pretty!! A retreat!! Have a great day Judith! :-)

    1. Peach is my sister's signature color and these photos are from her last house in CA. She recently painted the living area where she now lives... peach, of course.


  6. Blue is my color ~ all the different varieties from indigo to lapis to turquoise to the softer shades. It plays well with lots of colors too.

  7. .I think my signature color is RED!!! Even the littlest chicklet knows that when they see something red they need to bring it to Grandmommie . They even color pictures for me which may or may not have RED grass :^)
    Your sister's peach room is beautiful, but I am still enamored of all your bleus! They go well with red doncha' know???
    Blessings to you,

  8. It's obvious that a love of beauty runs in your family! Your sister's space is lovely and soft. My signature color depends on the day. One day I'll say blue and the next time someone asks I may say yellow. They are my go to colors for anything.

  9. Very Pretty your ideas and decor is just beautiful... Thank you for Sharing at Share it One More Time.

  10. LOVE the peach and lavender mixed together in your sister's home.
    Thanks so much for sharing on Something to Talk About!

  11. That's a good questions, Judith. I don't know if I have a signature color. I know I have a signature style because a lot of people will tell me they have seen something and thought of me immediately, but usually that entails ruffled/romantic looking clothes. I guess it would be a good idea to ask someone what they think is "my color". Others probably have a pretty good idea even if we don't realize what it is.


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