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Butterflies in Blue & White

Sunday, April 19, 2015

White butterflies winging their way toward a bowl full of white ranunculus 
glide by the stemware and covered butter dish. 

Can you see the tiny random polka dots in the background 
of the blue butterflies and flowers on the butter dish? 

Oh, so many bleu butterflies on the botanical printed dishes... 

Have you spotted the blue butterfly on the inside rim of the large salad bowl? 
China maker Portmeirion makes the Botanic Blue china and 
a tiny escaped butterfly is a signature mark of the pieces in the pattern. 

There, just visible inside the creamer, is another escapee,  
while another little blue butterfly seems to have 
partially escaped on the ruffled rim of the creamer. 

Laser cut butterflies at the top of the white place cards 
have yet other tiny white butterflies within the laser cut. 

Can you count all the butterflies visible? 

Scattered across the entire china pattern, 
butterflies of varying sizes, designs, and angles 
flit among the multiple varieties of flowers. 

The Botanic Blue dishes coordinate with 
Fitz and Floyd blue-rimmed Nobilis

Ruffled rims on the PTS International Adelaide cereal bowl and 
the Portmeirion Botanic Blue dinner plate are subtle design elements 
that help coordinate the two in a place setting even 
though the blues are not quite the same. 

A matching rimmed soup bowl is also perfect for cereal or salad. 

Are there FOUR different butterflies seeking nectar from the 
the flower in the bottom of the bowl? 
What is that flower, anyway? 
Is it an English primrose? 

Oh, wait! 
What looked like one of four butterflies in the bowl's bottom is really a

And, there... , on the far left top rim... 
a BEE! 

Can you enlarge your screen's photo to see all the details? 

There's another BEE on the end of the lidded butter dish, and 
there's one on the salad bowl just above the left top of the butter dish. 

Butterflies, bees, dragonflies, flowers, polka dots ...  
and b l e u. 

Each day this pattern looks more and more lovely. 

Portmeirion no longer has Botanic Blue available in the USA 
which means order from England, 
pay costly shipping fees and duty taxes, 
or look for pieces on eBay or through a china replacement service. 
But, shop carefully. 

The Botanic Blue pieces have ruffled rims, finely detailed images, and 
a signature butterfly someplace unexpected. 
See the beautiful butterfly inside the creamer? 
There are three inside the rim of the large salad bowl 
serving as a centerpiece. 
The plate has one underneath the rim. 
The rimmed cereal/soup bowl has one on the 
outside of the white rounded part under the rim. 
The small bread and butter plate has one under the rim. 

Now, look at the larger pitcher. 
No ruffled rim, no curvy details on the handle, 
and the pattern is a little faint, not sharp. 
Plus, the pattern doesn't extend under the handle. 
Instead it looks like a white rectangle under the handle. 
This looks like a reproduction piece, 
not an authentic Portmeirion Botanic Blue piece. 
The telling factor... no butterfly inside the pitcher. 

Nonetheless, the pitcher looks good with the rest of the set. 

Blue stemware with an etched floral pattern is perfect with the dishes. 

The blue and white butterflies,  
in the kitchen sunspace wrapped in new green foliage,  
herald Spring has fully arrived.   

Sunshine, warm weather, and bright green leaves are perfect 
companions for blue and white butterflies.  

Spring is here with butterflies on the table 
and in the garden. 

Bright blue skies fill the living room 
as well as the kitchen sunspace with bright sunlight. 

Fresh thyme basks in the sun and is ready 
for planting on the deck just outside the kitchen sunspace.  

Botanic Blue and white ranunculus ... 
Butterflies in blue and white ... 

Botanic Blue china is the inspiration for botanic bleu.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Botanic Blue china ~ Portmeirion (summer 2014) 
Nobilis china ~ Fitz and Floyd (inactive, warehouse sale, late 1980s) 
Adelaide ~ PTS International (HomeGoods, spring 2014) 
Blue & white checked placemats ~ Pottery Barn Outlet (summer 2014) 
Sheila ~ Blue etched stemware ~ Joss and Main (summer 2014) 
Blue chargers ~ Kirklands (spring 2013) originally brown 
Want to see more blue & white?

Summer Blues and Whites
Blue and White Dishes 
Spirea Garden Party ~ French Style 
April Chirping Bird Table 

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  1. My breath is taken away by these LOVELY BLEUS!

    Judith, the softness of the blue pattern coupled with the white delicacy of the papillons, a magical combination! Thank you for this lift of beauty today! We had a sensational Saturday, but today it's raining but that's OK because we need it. Soon our flowers will be in bloom too!

    Enjoy another fine day, Anita

  2. Sigh! A lovely table that is more and more interesting as you look closely at the pieces. I am always interested in what you are doing in your kitchen dining area because it is a beautiful space and your signature look fits perfectly. I have been wondering if you do a spring sale in your garden house. Your Christmas sale was so lovely.

    1. Susan,
      Thank you. I really enjoy the kitchen sunspace. Christmas is the only time I hold a sale in my garden house. There have been others who have asked about a spring sale, but not one at this time. I am working on my online sales site through Square Market, but need to update the inventory.

  3. Lovely, lovely dishes! Everything looks so bright and pretty, Judith! Enjoy the sunshine. We are still getting snow here, but little tiny bright leaves are poking up in the garden.
    Have a lovely one!

  4. What a beautiful post, Judith. Blue and white is breath-taking coupled with your lovely fabrics. Deb

  5. Judith,
    Stunning dinnerware and pretty stem wear, loving the faint dainty polka dots! This was a fun post as I studied your photos and took the quiz counting! Love the ruffle, butterflies and I've always been mesmerized with Dragonflies.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Were you able to come with the number of butterflies? Every time I think I've counted them all, I see another one that I had missed. Did you spot any of the ladybugs? I had not noticed them until all of sudden one day, I spotted one, and then began seeing them scattered around. Of course, dragonflies also mesmerize me.


  6. Oh my. Be still my pounding heart. PINNING!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, I'm loving this fabulous post! Everything I see is so charming, grand, classy and I'd love to live in your house! Your dinnerware is absolutely gorgeous! What a post!


  8. That table setting is just gorgeous with such beautiful details! What a perfect representation of spring :)

  9. Your blue and white dishes are so beautiful! Perfect color combination in my opinion. Love the springy pattern on them.
    Mary Alice

  10. Be still my heart. What a gorgeous table you have set. Blue and white is my all time favorite to use on a table. It is clean, classic and easy on the eyes.

    Your dishes are stunning.


  11. Beautiful table setting Judith! A wonderful way to bring spring into your home, and your flower arrangement of white ranunculus in a bowl as a centerpiece is simply lovely.

  12. Judith you blue and white dishes look so pretty with the sun dancing on them. Love the little lacey butterflies of your place cards too.Blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations and your table looks so delicate and charming, perfect for spring. Thank you so much for sharing such a stunning table setting at SYS, and have a great week.
    XO Barbara

  13. Judith, I'm all aflutter with your stunning table....not to mention your dappled sunlit dining area! I have a Portmeirion Botanic Blue teapot and teacup set I snapped up from T.J. Maxx about 4 years ago. I adore the rimmed soup bowls and plates. Beautiful. ♥

  14. This table setting is exquisite and those dishes are absolutely gorgeous!!! I don't even know if I have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to adequately describe how beautiful they are! Breathtaking!!!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! I love anything with butterflies.Your beautiful sun space is a lovely setting for your pretty tableware. xo P.S> I invite you to share at my Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  16. Judith, this is just beautiful! I can just see a lovely asparagus salad and a fresh baked croissant ready for your guests!


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