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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

3 Changes to a French Country Bathroom

Thursday, March 26, 2015

French Country magazines published here in the USA 
remind me of the homes, furniture, architecture, 
dishes, linens, fabrics, gardens, 
and the list just goes on and on... 
 of things that mesmerize me each time I travel through France. 

Larger and larger numbers of blogs devote posts 
showcasing French Country and how to get the look. 

Equipped with these excellent resources with detailed photographs 
and often authentic commentary by French writers,  
I study the elements of French Country and continue 
to replace, to rearrange, and to update rooms in my house.
Each time I make a change,
I look at my inspiration photos to capture a French feel. 

Slowly over time the American Country feel of 
my house has been replaced with a French Country style
that continues to change.   

Changes over the past two years in the master bathroom 
 created a French Country style to the bathroom. 

Last year a white child's chair held French lavender sachets and 
a lavender embroidered towel from France. 
The little chair is from an antique store and 
was a Christmas present from my husband several years ago. 

The wire basket with its white fabric lining has a French feel. 
Always looking for a bargain, 
I was excited to find this wire basket at HomeGoods last year. 

While the pieces emulate French farmhouse, 
I decided to rearrange existing pieces to create a 
less French farmhouse and more French salon look. 

Look at the difference three changes made. 

The same space with the same lavender embroidered towel 
now looks more elegant French Country than French farmhouse. 

The ottoman with its curved wooden legs and 
blue and white toile fabric replaced the small white chair.
Blue and white contrast cording accentuates the
curves in the cushion's shape and the curves in the wood.
Previously the ottoman sat in the master bedroom
with a chair covered in matching blue and white toile. 

A large ruffled-edge flower pot sits where the 
round metal basket with its white fabric liner once was.

A small grey concrete rose bundle replaced a bird card holder 
on the windowsill.

Previously the rose bundle was part of last year's Christmas mantel.
See how it looked at French Christmas Mantel.

Soft blues, whites, and whitewashed wood 
echo the faded colors of French salons. 

More updates are in store for the small sink vanity next to this window. 
White paint on the vanity, a new medicine cabinet, 
and a new mirror are in the works. 
I'm still looking for just the right French-inspired 
medicine cabinet and new mirror. 


Pinterest has become my biggest collection of
clippings for French-inspired decoration and sources.
Looking for your own inspiration and sources?
See Botanic Bleu's Pinterest Boards for both house and garden.
French Country Design 
French Inspiration 
Country French Fleurs 
French Lavande

Love a little color inspiration?
French Bleu 
French Rosé 

Would you like to see more of the French Country
changes made to the house?

The changes began in the kitchen. 
White paint transformed the pine cabinets into a brighter, 
airier look with a decided French Country kitchen style. 
Before and after photos illustrate the transformation in 
French Country Kitchen.

Kitchen French inspiration can be seen at
8 Ways to Infuse French Elements Into a Kitchen

Changes in the master bathroom include
White Paint and French Details in the Master Bath
Lavender Touches - Bath Decor


  1. Love the ottoman with the blue and white toile fabric!
    Nice simple changes that really improved the room. I like the french salon look.

  2. Judith,
    Your French country bathroom provides the eye relaxation in its beautifully chosen pieces. The ottoman is very refined looking and a I love the wire basket with pristine White liner. Very pretty changes. I love how a house evolves and looks gathered over time.

  3. It's nice to hear you point out the details of this style so that we can learn ways to bring it into our homes. I have a small child's chair that a doll sits in. Now I wonder how cute it would look in my bathroom. Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Judith, this is a most elegant transformation. The ottoman is glorious. Love the toile with the contrast cording. I'm off to view your inspiration boards. '-)

  5. Hi Judith, be it refined elegance in French decor or all the way French brocante there are so many directions one can go in with the French decor. I personally use a lot of French pieces with a washed and weathered oak feel to their woods giving it a more rural rustic elegant feel in my French home.
    I try and stay true to a French language with using pieces that are not of mass market, and ones from fleas or a found piece from a thrift shop that they had no idea what they had on their hands.

    I love your bathroom, I wish I had the room for such a footstool as you have here. The bleu toile and its french allure is captivating in your bathroom. I use an old galvanized French bucket in my bathroom for a waste can. I dislike using a store bought plastic, metal, wicker, or of mass production, it tends to take away some of the rustic charm.
    I think some linen hand towels hanging would look great, something old and tattered with rustic age. I have grain sack hand towels hanging and they really feel and look old. I also made curtains with frayed edges out of drop cloth, this added another element of French to my bathroom.

    I love the old French farmhouse feel, yet I also love the elegant French empire design as well. I think it all depends on the home and the style it demands.

    All things French and I love it here.


  6. It's in the details....even in poetry. Specifics instead of generalizations are the key. In French or any other type of décor, it's those small changes in placement or materials that really changes things! That ottoman is perfect, Judith! Happy decorating! Anita

  7. LOVE all your changes! The ottoman is perfect there.

  8. What a lovely transformation! I love the sweet footstool covered in toile. Lots of ideas and inspiration here! Visiting from Charm of Home.

  9. I adore that ottoman! It's divine and really did make a huge difference!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog on Mondays and join our Something to Talk Anout link party!

  10. I adore that ottoman! It's divine and really did make a huge difference!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog on Mondays and join our Something to Talk About link party!

  11. Now why doesn't my stool pigeon look as pretty as your ottoman??!! ;-)


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