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Creating a Fall Vignette...Sampler

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Scoop On... Creating  Fall Vignettes

Twenty-five bloggers over five days
shared tips about how they
make their stunning seasonal creations
just in time for us to use their ideas
for Thanksgiving.
See my page called The Scoop On... 
for a complete schedule 
of blogs and dates in case you missed some.  

Each is different, with extraordinary photos 
of their vignettes for fall. 
You will be sure to find several 
that are just your style. 
Go check out each one. 
You are in for a real treat. 

Here is a 
of some of the arrangements 
from the Creating Fall Vignettes tour 
that are just my style, 
or at least, what I would like my style to look like. 

Town and Country Living's scrapbook-paper-wrapped candles. 
Would love this on my breakfast table... 

Speaking of breakfast tables, Sophia's breakfast table makes 
me nostalgic for my childhood under a big oak tree. 

More breakfast table ideas... 
If you are going to have a crowd for Thanksgiving breakfast, 
Stone Gable's buffet setting is the way to go. 

How about Thanksgiving lunch at Domestically Speaking's 
table that uses vintage brown bottles? 

Moving on to the next table I would like for a meal...
Lilacs and Longhorns' Pottery Barn copycat table is just beautiful. 

Pecan pie for dessert... 
My aunt Juanita in Alabama makes the world's best pecan pie 
using pecans from the trees in her yard. 
Confessions of a Plate Addict's dessert table is perfect 
for serving up your aunt's pecan pie. 

White pumpkins on a looks-very-close-to-white ladder 
in front of an old chippy white door is elegant in its simplicity. 
White Lace Cottage just adds seasonal decor to her regular pink decor. 

And, if you missed my post, here is a view of my kitchen shelf 

Now, this is just a Sampler of all the wonderful ideas on the tour. 
There are 17 other bloggers with more great styles and ideas. 
Thanksgiving is just days away... 
One of these bloggers is sure to have the look, 
with tips on how to create it, 
that is just your style.