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Changing Seasons

Monday, November 25, 2013

The seasons in north Texas are hard to define. 
We have summer and not summer. 
We sort of skip over transitional seasons, 
like spring and fall, 
with winter varying from really cold temperatures (10° F)
to really mild temperatures (60° F),
or even into the 70-80° (F) occasionally.

Just two weeks ago, on Veteran's Day, 
this field of blue salvia was in full bloom 
on a country road leading into Salado, Texas, 
a small town in the central part of Texas. 

A first for me. 
I've never seen a field of blue salvia before. 
Blue salvia is often used in flower beds and 
in containers on decks, but I had never seen 
an entire field of blue salvia before. 
Did the owner plant all these individual plants?

Or did the plants naturalize in the field from only a handful of plants? 

How large is this field? 
I couldn't see where the field of flowers ended. 
The field is bordered by a large stand of live oak trees 
that remain green year round. 

Will the plants survive the winter 
and return to blooming next spring?

The color is similar to the blues of our treasured 
Texas bluebonnets 
that bloom for a short period in late March to mid April. 

Blue salvia, however, blooms for many months of the year. 
I grow it in pots on my deck from early spring until frost nips it. 

What a wonderful view for the residents of Salado and 
for visitors to Salado who come to shop. 

While the countryside still looks like summer, 
the shops in town are dressed for fall. 

Colorful-leaved Crotons pair perfectly with orange and pink pumpkins 
for a fall arrangement all the way until Thanksgiving. 
In most parts of the United States, 
Crotons are inside houseplants, 
but not here. 
Where we have summer, then not-summer.  

Changing seasons 
are harder to define here 
by the weather. 

Beautiful old historic buildings used as speciality shops 
help define the changing seasons. 

While the countryside is in full bloom with summery flowers, 
and the front entrance to Magnolias in Salado is dressed for fall, 
the adjoining storefront section is already dressed in 
twinkling fairy lights of the 
Christmas season. 

Changing Seasons - Texas style. 
Check back for 
Christmas inspiration that is coming 
Dec. 6-10. 

Be sure to see all the homemade goodness every day, and
to see my homemade Christmas on 
December 10. 
Here is a very small peek at it. 

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