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Burlap Canvas Egg Prints

Sunday, November 10, 2013

More burlap goodness... 
Bird Egg Prints

After seeing so many great burlap projects from other
bloggers, I have been inspired to create some of my own.
Previously, I made a Burlap Canvas Paris Postcard which
I love and keep moving all around the house.

While making some Vintage Bird Prints On Dictionary Pages,
I found two incredible bird egg prints from The Graphics Fairy site.

Duck egg blue burlap from Hobby Lobby 
is the perfect background for this beautiful 
print of a collection of bird eggs from 
The Graphics Fairy. 

I love how the burlap coordinates with the green pumpkin. 

Burlap and pumpkins. 
has been a background for several vignettes.

These two 8"x10" bird egg prints are easy to make using
images from The Graphics Fairy, textured scrapbook paper,
burlap from Hobby Lobby, and
canvas-wrapped 8"x10" frames also from Hobby Lobby. 

The Graphics Fairy - Plate 29
The eggs in the prints are numbered with information at the bottom of the prints
that identifies which fowl lays the egg.

The Graphics Fairy - Plate 28
The companion print has a wonderful large blue egg. 
Both prints have detailed grasses as nests for the egg collections. 

Begin by using Mod Podge to glue the burlap to the canvas. 

While the burlap glue dries, print the two egg prints onto 
white textured 8.5"x11" scrapbook paper. 

The stiff paper creates a stronger print and 
the texture of the paper gives the print a more 
professional looking finish. 

I re-sized and printed both images on the same sheet of 
8.5"x11" paper. Use your software's formatting layout 
to make the two images the same size. 
By using the downloaded Graphics Fairy images, you will get 
sharper images and more true colors than if you use my image above. 

After the burlap glue dries and before attaching the printed 
bird egg images, attach a picture hanger to the back of each canvas frame. 

Cut the two images you printed. I use a paper cutter to get sharp edges. 
Carefully measure each to insure they are the same size. 

TIP: Many 8"x10" photo frames come with mats that fit around 
smaller photos inserted into the frame.  
Lay one of these mats over the bird egg image 
to lightly draw inside the mat.  Then cut along the drawn lines. 
This will help create the right size proportion 
for the 8"x10" canvas and help create the same size 
images for the two prints. 

Use Mod Podge to glue each image to a burlap covered canvas frame. 
I put glue on the burlap as well as the back of the printed image 
for a stronger bond. 

These will look great hanging either vertically over one another,
hanging side by side horizontally, or propped up against
a pumpkin and hydrangea filled rustic basket.

Thank you for reading and for all of you 
who have left the nicest comments. 
So many of you have become real friends.  
Even though we are many miles apart geographically, 
we are very close as bloggers. 
In this month of thankfulness, 
I am truly thankful for all my blogging friends. 
I look forward to hearing from you each and every time 
in your blog posts and in your comments. 
And, I look forward to the day we will meet 
someplace face-to-face. 
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