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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Fall Vignette

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Creating vignettes is a passion
for home and decor bloggers. 

What sparks a vignette?
How do we create a vignette?
What brings a vignette to life?

How do we create compositions that are different,
that do not look like everyone else's?

How did this  
French Fall Vignette 
come together? 

What were the seeds that sparked this vignette?

In my previous series about creating vignettes,
I identified color as one of the key elements of any vignette.

For the past year, rooms decorated in whites and neutrals have captured my attention.
I think it began with all the beautiful white Christmas decorations
in many of the blogger home tours last Christmas.
So, I have been adding more and more white to my house.
White pumpkins, not orange, fit right into what I like now.

The little white pumpkins are inexpensive and
readily available at my local grocery stores.
Who has time or money to search for the rare, exotic, or difficult to find?

Once a seed of inspiration emerges,
my thoughts turn to how to create the vision.
Look around the house...

A box of French violas were sitting on the countertop
awaiting planting in pots on the deck.

Pansies and violas (a kind of pansy) are fall and winter plants in North Texas.
Just as daffodils are spring harbingers, pansies are fall harbingers.
For me, pansies are my fall flower of choice, not mums.
They grow and bloom all winter, even surviving a blanket of snow.

Won't they look pretty in the house for a few days?
But, not in a brown cardboard box from the garden center!
Hmmm... again....
Maybe a woven basket, as I walk around looking at all the
baskets in my house.  No, too short or too full or too small...

Oh, new French basket...
A French-wire basket is the perfect height for the
unusually tall bedding pots.

The bright cheery purple and white faces complement the kitchen's soft blues
and the little white pumpkins.

After the spark, after the initial creation, what
brings a vignette to life?

The unexpected and unusual
in vignettes are the reasons 
a vignette breathes life and is memorable.

A little grey bird unexpectedly wearing a crown peeks around the corners. 

The white-washed carved wooden pedestal is reminiscent of
French architecture and adds both texture and height
crucial elements to vignette design. 

French country designs bring an unusual look to an 
American fall vignette, but complement my home's other 
French country elements, such as 
the Chenonceau Chateau print hanging 
on the white limestone wall in my kitchen. 

The spark - white pumpkins 
The creation - add pansies, French basket 
The life - unexpected crowned bird, unusual carved pedestal 
The difference - French designs
The unexpected!  
Life is full of unexpected events.  
Some pleasant, some not. 
My mom fell and broke her hip recently, and  
she lives alone in another state.  
My sister and I have spent time with her 
during her recovery that is progressing very well. 
Since Mother does not have internet service, 
there have not been any posts.  
It is nice to be home, to begin catching up, and 
to know my mom is also catching up.  
Please join me at these inspiring sites...



  1. I love your vignette. Am so sorry about your mom, but am glad she is recovering. I worry about that same thing with my dad, who also lives in another state. I hope that you have a great weekend! Sue

  2. un petit passage
    toutes ces petites citrouilles blanches sont adorable avec le petit oiseau
    j'aime beaucoup toute vos présentations
    en France la citrouille blanche on ne la trouve pas beaucoup
    doux weekend
    edith (iris) France
    je m'inscris à votre newsletter , alors à bientôt

  3. I have missed you. I was worried that you somehow fell off my sidebar. So I kept checking.
    Judith, I am so sorry to hear that your Mom fell, but relieved that she is recovering well.
    This vignette is beautiful. Where on earth did you find that beautiful wire basket?
    I too, love the winter violas and pansies. It's so amazing that they pop back with their colorful faces after being hidden under the snow.
    When is your market? I hope that you didn't miss it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Very pretty vignette! I love that French basket and your crowned bird. I love using the little white pumpkins, too, because they fit in so well anywhere.

  5. What a perfectly beautiful vignette- says Fall but in an unpredictable way! I LOVE the little bird with the crown! best wishes to your mother for a speedy recovery!

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I love the white shabby chic look with architectural piece and the oh so French wire basket! Sorry to hear about your mom! I'm glad to hear she is recovering well and so nice that both you and your sister could go to be with her! I was about to email you as it is so unusual for you not to post. I will be back to posting soon, too. Finished binding the quilt I've been working on for the magazine, so maybe life can slow down after this busy weekend. Besides working today, my granddaughter asked if I could put a French braid in her hair for her Homecoming dance. Happy to do this! Have an awesome day!

  7. Such a pretty vignette! Loved the wire basket with violas. I'm glad your mother is doing better and hope she continues to mend. Welcome home!

  8. First, I hope your mother is doing better.

    You make me want to rush to the nursery to buy some pansies instead of clean house. I am taking an art class this afternoon, but tomorrow, I am getting some pansies to fill a metal basket.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Lovely vignette. The patina on your basket is just gorgeous!


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