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Hydrangeas and French Script

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hydrangeas, blue, and 
French Script ~ 
Three of my favorite things 

A mossy heart with a single dried hydrangea blossom on French script 

is perfect hanging from the tail of a white bird bottle.

The first moss heart with a dried hydrangea I made 
was sold in my Country French Christmas sale last year. 
That one had French script paper as its background. 
This one has blue French script stamped on white paper. 

The hanging ornament was made using 
a wooden disk from a craft store, 
a dried hydrangea blossom from my mother's yard, 
a French script rubber stamp, 
and sheet moss. 

After stamping the French script onto white paper,
I cut out two circles and used Mod Podge matt glue 
to attach them to the wooden disk. 

Since I am not handy with a drill, 
I used a nail to make a hanging hole in the disk. 

A pastry heart cutter was just the right size to use 
as a pattern to make the heart from sheet moss. 
Since Mod Podge glue dries clear, 
it was perfect to glue the mossy heart to the disk, 
and then to glue the dried hydrangea to the moss. 

The hardest part was painting a gold rim 
around the disk using a gold paint pen. 

This moss heart with a single dried hydrangea blossom 
from my mother's garden is not for sale. 

It is a reminder to me of things I love. 
Feel like you are experiencing  vu
This post was first published at 6:00 a.m. on August 25, 
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but no content.  

Has this happened to anyone else? 
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