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French Children's Alphabet Christmas Decor

Saturday, December 1, 2012

In the mid-nineteenth century,
Paris had about 140 
passages couverts de Paris
(covered passages)
for shopping. 

Passage des Panoramas 

is one of about 40 passages that still exist in Paris today.

The panoramas for which the passage is named are faded, but still beautiful. 

The passage is known for its sellers of vintage books, postcards, stamps, etc...

While browsing the shops in the passage last fall looking for vintage items, 
I found a beautiful NEW children's French alphabet book 

with delightful stories to illustrate each letter of the alphabet. 

My favorite story is Neige (snow) for N.

The drawing of the angels scattering bits of paper as snow
and the story references to sugar, feathers, and 
capture my imagination and take me away to a magical place.

All of the stories for the letters have detailed, softly-colored drawings,
which inspired me to think of ways to display them at 

Of course the pages could be framed to be displayed,
but I wanted something different, unexpected ...

Some of them I displayed with an
evergreen garland above the French doors in the garden shed. 

another one of my favorites,
especially for Christmas,
is part of the garland display.

As Christmas ornaments on a 
small tree, they add a third dimension 
to the tree's decorations.

Each page is rolled so that both
French words and drawings are visible.
Each is tied with a narrow white ribbon with gold
musical notes and a small hand-written tag that says,
Alphabet Page

As Christmas tree ornaments, the details of each page can be seen up close.

The muted colors blend with the tree.

The rolled beribboned pages also make festive, playful
party favors set atop Christmas plates.

Were I in England, I would make 
Christmas "crackers" with them.

Thoughts for next year...
Wouldn't they be beautiful with two or three
grouped under a clear glass cloche?
Or several standing upright in a vintage box with greenery 
and a Christmas message stamped on the front of the box...? 

Hope to see you at linking parties.....

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