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Coke Case Advent Calendar and a Winner!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When I first started traveling to France
in the early 1980s,
waiters would shake their heads, and
utter, "tsk, tsk," whenever I ordered 
with my meal.
I've always loved Coke.

Getting glaçon (ice) was a real feat
in the '80s and into the '90s!
Now, getting Coke and lots of ice in France
are relatively easy.
Restaurant in Sarlat, France

Cannot say I have ever developed a taste for wine...
I know I must be missing out on something great,
but after many wine-tasting tours of
incredible vineyards throughout France, 
I still prefer Coke.
The French waiters still say, "tsk, tsk."

France, Coca-Cola, and Christmas!
Three all time favorites...

After finding some vintage Coca-Cola cases
in Alabama and Tennessee, and
thinking about the twenty-four cubby holes...

it came to me that Coke cases could be
Advent Calendars.

Now, savvy crafters probably already knew this
and have done this for years, but
for me it was a revelation.

Not only are there twenty-four cubby holes, the Coke color says

Here's how I found a way to combine
my love for Coke and Christmas!

Supplies needed in addition to the Coke case...

Super strength Glue Dots, Mod Podge, mat board,
upholstery tacks, paper Christmas designs, scissors,
and a paper cutting board...
The mat board, Glue Dots, and Mod Podge came from
I found these upholstery tacks at Pottery Barn,
but they can be found at a fabric store.

 More small Christmas designs...
Finding just the right size and color tones took some work.
The colors needed to blend together harmoniously.

I cut mat board to fit the cubby hole opening to use as a flap cover.
Each one had to be adjusted for the specific cubby hole.
Since this is a vintage Coke case,
the openings are not uniform and 
the wood side walls vary in height. 
1964 is stamped on the inside wall of the case.

To allow for a finger to catch the bottom edge,
 I rounded the bottom edges.
The walls of each cubby hole are not solid wood,
but are slats of wood with gaps between them.
I cut dark green mat board to use as a base
in each cubby hole so the small
surprises will not fall through the gaps.
I used super strength glue dots to attach the mat board
to the cubby hole wall.

I really like the design on the upholstery tacks!
Much nicer than thumbtacks...
This little bird nestling in 
Christmas holly is one of my favorite
cubby hole covers.

The calendar is designed for each flap to rotate
to the side to reveal the opening which allows for
inserting & retrieving small gifts.
So, I only nailed the tacks part-way into the wood
allowing the mat board covers to swing freely left and right.

Almost finished...I worked on this for a very l-o-n-g time!
Finding and/or creating, by stamping, just the right mix of 
cubby covers was what took the most time.
A balance in the colors (red, green, white) and
in the designs (Santas, red stripes, birds, etc...) also took 
a lot of arranging and re-arranging.

Standing on its side, it can easily sit atop a narrow shelf or desk.

Close-up views...

All finished...
No numbers on purpose...

Now that the Advent Calendar is finished,
I'm thinking about making one that has all
French designs and words.
I can see it now...
Toile, Eiffel towers, fleur de lis, crowns,
Noël, Father Christmas, French Christmas music...


Thank you to everyone who left comments
and entered into Botanic Bleu's first Give-Away.
The winner of a vintage French postcard,
large gray ceramic heart, and
a Michel Design soap is

Lois Arnold

Hope to see you at linking parties.....

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