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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Old French House in the Countryside

Saturday, October 13, 2012

While visiting the Dordorgne region of France we stayed in 
a house attached to an
old French house in the countryside
just outside Carsac.

The house has been added onto over the years (many years.)
The original old house on the far left was not habitable.

Our part of the house was the lower level on the right. Two bedrooms, sitting area, dining room, kitchen, utility room, and bathroom...

Very much inhabitable...

Two sets of french doors opened onto the terrace. 

The view from our terrace was over a sunflower field with dried sunflowers still standing.

A view of the original house on the opposite side of where we stayed...

A closer view of doors in the original part...

I love the "eyebrow" arch above the doors.

The owners were restoring and repairing the original house section.

There was so little light in the old house.

Getting to peek into the old house undergoing renovation was an unexpected treat.

The floor was an uneven rubble of crumbled stone. The walls were made of stones.

Look at the open doorway to see how thick the stone walls were.

Old windows / doors with blue...

The old house contained an assortment of renovation supplies, tools, modern pool chaise lounges,


Old timbers, wooden ladders...

Wooden tool box...

Crumpled wire basket...

I would love to have "shopped" the brocante in the old house.
Alas, no way to get large things home...

Seeing the renovation in progress and getting to talk to the owner about the work was an extraordinary peek into real French people.

No hotel stay could ever provide such an authentic French experience.

Search the Internet to find houses to rent in France. A total immersion into the culture may happen.