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French Lavender

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Visiting the lavender fields of France is a joyful experience for all the senses.  

Seeing the vibrant lavender hues in field after field after field...

Smelling the invigorating scent of the flowers...

 Feeling the breeze blowing across the fields...

Visiting with lavender growers in their fields...

Not just looking at lavender from afar on a train, 
from a distance in a car, or
at the edge of the field walking along, 

Walking in lavender fields with lavender all around...

 Touching lightly the long-stemmed blossoms...

What joy to actually experience French lavender.

Fragrant dried bunches of French lavender from Provence bring 
memories of walking among the lavender fields.
Close your eyes ... see the fields.

Dried lavender at Botanic Bleu

Have you visited lavender fields in France or near you?  
Write a comment about your experience.
I would love to hear about it.

Watch for lavender fields when you travel. 
Walking among them will refresh your spirit.