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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

A Small French Town

Saturday, October 6, 2012

No trip to France is complete without visiting one or more
small French towns.
All towns have their own personalities; no two are alike.

Carsac, France, six hours from Paris, is in the Dordogne region of France.

While visiting there last year, we were delighted to find that Carsac has all of these shops within two blocks on its main street.

  • Une ├ępicerie (small grocery store) 
  • la boucherie (butcher shop) 
  • la boulangerie (bakery) 
  • la pharmacie (pharmacy) 
  • la poste (post office)

We felt very French each day as we made our purchases.  
Buying just what we needed for the day...
No big impersonal supermarkets...
"Bonjour, madame. Bonjour, monsieur."
Greeting the shopkeepers with smiling faces...

Love the curved roofline on la poste... 

We mailed three packages filled with purchases of French brocante (second-hand goods) to the United States using this la poste.

La souffleur de verre (glass blower) was on a side street.

Part of the personality of Carsac...

Not every small town in France has la souffleur de verre.

Biot is the only other French town that I have visited that had la souffleur de verre. 
I have a lovely bleu paperweight from there.

Back on the main street... 

Une boutique de fleuriste (flower shop) / boutique cadeaux (gift shop)

Built right into the red clay cliff...

 We wanted to buy the wire cloches with birds on top, but they were too big to fit into our suitcase or to mail. One day, a container for all our French treasures...

The berry-picking basket on a walking cane also caught our eyes.
Too big also.  :(

Back home, I found a source for small wire cloches with birds on top. 

Love this little bird...
Reminds me of birds sitting atop the outdoor metal topiary my brother-in-law built...

My sister found a source for berry-picking baskets on a cane.
Happy eyes...when they arrive...

Botanic Bleu has both these items for sale in this year's Country French Christmas sale.

Now, will we put these in the shop or keep them for ourselves?
They are in the shop...for now.

No trip to France is complete without exploring small towns.

Another day, I will post photos of the 12th century church in Carsac. Definitely part of Carsac's personality...

Watch for small towns in your travels. The unexpected always turns up which makes lasting memories.