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Texans Are More French Than Texans Realize

Saturday, September 22, 2012

While traveling this week from the Dallas, Texas metroplex to the Houston area, I discovered Texas provides free wireless Internet service at its rest stops along Interstate 45.  After getting back home, I then discovered Texas was the first state to provide wireless Internet access at Safety Rest Areas throughout the state.

Texas map on the state's transportation website shows the location of rest stops all over Texas.  The map also indicates which rest areas are new and which ones are scheduled for renovation.

Wi-Fi is not the only thing I discovered at the 
                                Texas Safety Rest Areas.

Wif-Fi is a nod to the present and future culture of Texas and the world, 
but each rest stop is designed also with an artistic nod to each locale's history. 
Seeing them from the highway made me want to stop. 

 Not only are the styles of the exterior architecture different for each one, 
the displays inside uniquely showcase that rest stop's region of the state. 

The grounds have picnic areas, playgrounds, walking trails, and sculptures.

The signs, bridges, and benches all have artistic designs linked to the region.

A small town named Buffalo is not far from this rest stop.

Wireless Internet sign

You can sit on a bench outside and
"stay connected" using the free Wi-Fi.

Love the design that evokes images of 
native wild flowers and grasses...

Seeing the Texas Safety Rest Areas
 reminds me of the joie de vivre enjoyed all over France.  

Yes, Texas and French details for joie de vivre are different, 
but the Texas rest stops indicate that 
Texans have a style and culture they celebrate 
in everyday life.  

Taking time to walk on a native plant trail, 
reading about the history of the region, 
enjoying sculptures designed for the area,
and sitting on an artistic bench 
while surfing the Internet at a rest stop, 
as a break from driving
all say, 

"Savor life to the fullest."

Is this not like France?
Marry cutting edge design with timeless appreciation for life...

Celebration time...

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Until next time, watch for the Texas Safety Rest Areas, 
both along the Texas highways, and 
along the highways of life.