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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Simple French-Looking White & Green Fall Vignette

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Lone Star State is still green.  
Well, as green as north Texas gets in late summer. 
The grasses, flowers, trees, shrubs... all have a fine film of dust
(lack of rain)
making them a dusty green.
The leaves on the trees are still green with a few brown edges.
Indications that fall is approaching... 

The calendar says it is officially fall,
but the temperatures and foliage say it's really still summer.

Reading other blogs and looking at linking party photos
inspired me to create a 
simple white and green fall vignette 
on my kitchen counter.

The white pedestal cake stand is a recent find.
Call it new vintage...

I use the metal stars all year.
Christmas...Fourth of July....Valentines...Birthdays...Everyday...No Occasion...
Make my eyes happy...

A small ivy and preserved boxwood complete the usual counter arrangement.

The simple white and green color scheme is cool and refreshing.

From this side, you can see the small ivy...
plus the large upside down French-looking mercury glass ornament
 and small etched glass candle holders.

First new addition for fall...
a small pot of white chrysanthemums 
found at the grocery store.
Dropped them into a white stoneware pot
that has a French look...

From the same grocery store, I found several 
small inexpensive gourds, squashes, and pumpkins from which to choose.

A small white pumpkin with a twisty stem,
A textured pale green gourd covered in nodules
with a twisty stem,
A green and white striped squash...

Fit the cake pedestal just right,
Complete the decorating rule of three...

The small patch of green moss gives another textured layer.

Another view...
Being on the countertop, the vignette is visible from all sides.

The verdigris metal swan nestling next to the white chrysanthemums
is a fountain spigot.
Water streams from its mouth.

This is my latest found treasure.

is a garden shop 
that offers upscale exterior furniture and garden accessories.

The Fort Worth store, located in an old ice house, 
retains the original massive beams and ice-house mechanisms.

I enjoy shopping the store for ivy topiaries, 
for small items that fit into my budget, and
for the enjoyment of soaking in the old building's architecture.
Last week, I found this beautiful swan in their sale room.
No fountain, no pump, 
just the swan...
75% off...

He fits right into the white and green color scheme.

No yellow,
No orange,
No red fall leaves...
in my vignette...

North Texas doesn't have those colors outside yet...
red leaves maybe never.

there is a small blue floral dish with a white heart in my vignette.

Enjoy the colors of your fall whatever they are.

See you at the French Country Cottage
 Feathered Nest Friday linking party.
I hope.
It's my first try at linking parties.
Hope I follow all the rules!