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French Country Christmas Guest Bath

Monday, December 19, 2022

Often the French Country style guest bathroom in my house is one of the first rooms decorated for Christmas each year. A small room needs only a few additions to change everyday decor to holiday decor. 



Christmas magically appears
Well, not magically... it does take a little effort... but the results bring such a magical feeling. 

Smiles and dancing eyes beholding beautiful sights. 

French Country Christmas Bathroom
Add a fresh evergreen wreath, a vase filled with flowers, a set of Christmas-y towels, and a seasonal print on the wall, and the guest bathroom is ready for the holidays.   

Here's how my French Country bathroom is decorated for Christmas. 

French Country Christmas 
Guest Bath

Add a little bit of Christmas outside a small bathroom
A little bit of Christmas was added outside the small bathroom with a live ivy topiary and a wind-blown Saint Nicholas print on the wall outside the bathroom door. 

A gold framed NEIGE print and Christmas towels bring Christmas to a French Country guest bathroom.
Inside, a gold framed Neige (snow) print is a short story in French taken from a French children's alphabet book. 

Two white hand towels embroidered with silver wreaths will transition from Christmas to throughout the Winter months. 

A gold and white fleur de lis patterned ribbon holds a fresh evergreen wreath from the top of a French Country mirror.
A gold and white wired ribbon with a fleur de lis pattern holds a small fresh evergreen wreath from the top of the bathroom's French Country mirror.  A small gold nail tapped into the top of the flat moulding of the wood mirror, camouflaged by the ribbon, holds the wreath securely in place. 

Instead of a large ribbon bow that would cover the mirror's beautiful carved moulding, I chose to use long cascading ribbon curls that allow the carved moulding details to be visible. 

Two small vases hold Christmas greenery on a French Country bathroom vanity.
Tucked at the back of the vanity, two small vases hold greenery, but are not in the way of using the sink. 

Preserved boxwood and eryngium with evergreens provide fresh seasonal scents and interesting textures to Christmas.
Preserved boxwood sits in the small dark blue vase year round. Evergreen fir stems and blue eryngium flowers provide fresh seasonal scent and interesting texture. 

A snowy scene of the Eiffel Tower adds a touch of Christmas to a French Country bathroom.
Both vases add French Country design to the small bathroom. The dark blue vase, really a candle votive holder, has raised fleur de lis. The taller vase, also a candle votive holder, has a snowy Christmas scene of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Look closely at the building façades to see small red and green wreaths above the windows. 

Candle votive holders often are not waterproof so care must be taken when using them as vases. Since the boxwood ball is preserved it does not need water. The fresh evergreens and flowers in the taller candle holder are in a small clear plastic glass inside the holder which contains the needed water. 

Eryngium, also called sea holly, adds contrast and texture to traditional Christmas evergreens.
Eryngium flowers are also known as sea holly and offer a beautiful shade of blue to use with my blue and white home. Their spiky leaves and rounded fuzzy flower heads provide great contrast and texture to traditional Christmas evergreens. 

It only takes a few changes to get a French Country bathroom ready to celebrate Christmas.

With only a few changes, my small French Country guest bathroom is now ready to celebrate Christmas. 

Oh, what a wonderful time of the year.