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French Country Bedroom | Hardwood Floor and Rug

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Replacing wall-to-wall carpet with Wide Plank French Oak Light House ¾" Solid Hardwood Flooring and a 9'x12' Capitola blue variegated rug is a beautiful renovation to the master bedroom. The new flooring is the latest addition of French Country style to my post and beam country house. 

Replacing wall-to-wall carpet with French Country Hardwood Floor in bedroom is perfect for my country house.
At first sight the bedroom may not look different from before replacing the carpet with a hardwood floor and rug. The blue and white color scheme is the same, the furniture is the same, and most of the room's decor looks the same. 

Take a step back to see a larger view of the room to see the difference. 


Hardwood Floor & Rug

A variegated blue wool rug almost covers the French Country Hardwood Floor in the bedroom.
The room size is 14' x 16' from the centers of the ceiling perimeter beams. With the wood paneled walls and the beam sizes, the room is actually approximately 13½ feet  x 15½ feet. By placing the rug so the 12' length runs the direction of the 13 ½' room dimension, the rug almost covers the floor from wall to wall in that direction. 

Hardwood Floor 

Even though the French Country Hardwood Floor in the bedroom is distressed, the finish on the floor makes it comfortable for walking barefooted.
The manufacturer's description of the hardwood boards describes the finish as a heritage look achieved by special tools to add authentic distress to wood surfaces and uses character graded hardwood to meet design specifications. I was pleased to discover that while the surface is distressed, the seven to eight coats of low-gloss-urethane provide a smoothly finished surface that feels good for walking barefooted on the floor. 

The light stain of the French Country Hardwood Floor in the bedroom coordinates well with the white painted baseboards and door trim.
The light stain coordinates beautifully with the white painted baseboards and door trims and the white-washed solid pine doors to the room and closets. 

The wide planks of the French Country Hardwood Floor in the bedroom add authentic French style.
The 9' length of the rug lies in the direction of the 15½' dimension of the room which allows a large section of the hardwood to be visible along the path from the door into the bedroom to the door into the adjoining bathroom. I love the look of the light oak floor with the blue and white rug, the toile chair, and the dark antique French armoire! 

Designer TIP: Since one front leg of the chair is on the rug and one front leg is on the hardwood floor, use a rubber floor protector under the chair leg on the hardwood floor to prevent the chair from being unlevel and rocking back and forth as someone sits down or gets up from the chair. The two back legs both sit directly on the hardwood floor which does not cause the chair to be wobbly. 

Wool Rug 

The large blue and white wool rug on top of the French Country Hardwood Floor in the bedroom provides a soft rug on each side of the bed.
The rug sits directly in front of the computer hutch and chest of drawers. The king size bed sits between these two pieces of furniture. The rug is large enough to extend beyond both sides of the king size bed which allows a soft rug on which to step getting out of bed. No icy floors during cold wintry days! 

A rug pad adds a bit of cushion to walk on and some protection from staining the hardwood from the rug's lining. The pad also helps prevent the rug from moving out of place. 

Variations in the blues of the wool rug mean the rug blends with a wide range of blues.
The rug has variegated blue rectangles separated by white borders. Variations in the blues mean the rug blends with a wide range of blues. White borders lighten the rug's colors. The white borders are small enough not to be difficult to keep clean! 

White, light, airy, bright, and multiple blues are perfect for my French Country blue and white bedroom.
White, light, airy, bright, and blues... perfect for my French Country blue and white bedroom. 

Decor Accents 

Changing the flooring meant seeing the room with fresh eyes. Renovation offers a chance to rearrange, to declutter, and to purge. Which is still in progress. The only new items in the bedroom are the hardwood floor and wool rug. The furniture placement remains the same also. 

But, the decor accents have been rearranged. Some things are being donated, some being thrown away, and some being relocated. 

A large white wood and wire birdcage sits atop an antique triple French armoire.
A tall white wood and wire birdcage now sits atop the antique triple French armoire. Previously, a double blue wood birdhouse, a boxwood bundle, and a large partridge sat in this spot. This space was decluttered by eliminating the number of items on display. 

A large white wood and wire birdcage camouflages an air vent directly behind it in the French Country bedroom.
The birdcage camouflages an air vent directly behind the birdcage. The open wire construction allows air to flow freely through the birdcage. 

The small boxwood wreath hanging from the top of the birdcage and a boxwood ball in a clay pot inside the birdcage coordinate with several other boxwoods in the room. 

Blue and white toile fabric on a bedroom chair is perfect with the French Country Hardwood Floor.
Previously a counter stool sat beside the toile covered easy chair. The stool has been moved to a different spot in the house providing a more spacious look to the bedroom. 

A trio of preserved boxwood topiaries add greenery to the French Country bedroom.
The corner table now holds a collection of boxwood topiaries instead of the several small items that were on the table before the new flooring. All of these boxwoods were in another room before, but now the table's decor coordinates with other boxwoods throughout the bedroom. Both the lamp and the small framed print of Chenonceau de Château were on the table before. 

A blue translucent cloches covers a preserved boxwood ball in the French Country bedroom.
A collection of ceramic angels was swapped out for the blue translucent cloche with another boxwood ball underneath it. 

Blue and white prints from France fill a blue and white shadow box for French Country style.
The top of the chest has fewer items than before. The framed photo of my dad, our dog Shep, and myself around four years old is one of my favorite photos and is always on display in my bedroom. There are many memories connected to this photo. 

A large preserved boxwood in an oval clay pot provides greenery year round in the French Country bedroom.
The computer hutch is decluttered! The decor on it is still a work in progress and will change some more before its final look. The large boxwood in an oval clay pot provides greenery year round and will stay, but everything else is subject to change.  


Most of the decluttering and rearranging after installing new French Country hardwood flooring and a wool rug is finished, but not completely. A large rolling metal cart filled with items from the bedroom and closets still sits in the bathroom. Instead of putting everything back into the large armoire and walk-in closets, I am sorting through everything to choose what to keep.  Another post is coming to show the final look of the bedroom and the new oak floor in the bathroom. 


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Unfortunately, the oak hardwood flooring is currently sold out in the French Oak Light House stain color at the time this blog article was posted. Other stain color options appear to be available.