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Winter Tablesetting | Snowy Trees with Navy

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Beautiful new navy coffee mugs with snowy trees set the scene for a Winter table setting filled with white, snowflakes, and trees. An easy transition from Christmas to Winter decor. 

Transition from Christmas to Winter decor with snowy trees on navy mugs.
Tiny white ceramic trees coordinate perfectly with the snowy white trees on the navy mugs. 

W I N T E R   T A B L E   S E T T I N G   

❄︎ ❄︎ ❄︎


Use Christmas decor without glimmer, sparkle, or glitter to transition to Winter decor.
Transitioning from Christmas gently, the Winter table setting uses some holiday decorations in an understated way without the glimmer and sparkle of Christmas. No lights, ornaments, or glitter. Instead shine comes from glass, ceramic, and the faintest touch of gold electroplating. 

White with navy accents suggest dark Winter skies with falling snow
White with navy accents suggest stark snow-covered landscapes under dark skies with falling snow, images of deep Winter weather possible for weeks, even months in some areas. 

What is on the Winter table setting?

Besides the bright rays of late afternoon sunshine. 

Mugs with snowy trees on navy are perfect Winter decor useful for coffee, cider, hot chocolate, or even soup.
Mugs for coffee, cider, hot chocolate, or soup are the stars of the Winter tablescape. Their eye-catching designs are unmistakenly Winter scenes with snow-covered trees and falling snowflakes. 

Snowy trees of varying heights cover the a Winter mug on all sides
The design covers the mug on all sides with snowy trees of varying heights. 

A navy colored glass ice bucket holds a live Norfolk Pine tree as the centerpiece on a Winter tablesetting
A navy colored glass Ice Bucket, repurposed as a flower vase, holds an undecorated live Norfolk Pine tree with two main trunks and is the centerpiece for the table. The navy matches the navy background on the coffee mugs.  

TIP: A principal of good design is to reiterate patterns to form a cohesive look in a decorated space. Tiny ceramic trees, snowy trees on the mugs, and the centerpiece live Norfolk Pine tree echo a tree theme for the table. 

White place settings include matelasse placemats, scrolled rim plates, snowflake dessert plates, French scroll flatware, and ceramic trees for a Winter tablesetting
White place settings include matelass√© placemats, scrolled rim plates, snowflake dessert plates, French scroll flatware, and ceramic trees.  

Tiny white ceramic trees in three styles decorate a Winter tablesetting.
The tiny white ceramic trees come in three styles and each has intricate details in its design. 

French style white scroll flatware are beautiful on a Winter tablesetting
The French-style scroll flatware has embossed aluminum handles and stainless steel eating utensil parts. 

What is on the snowflake dessert plates?

Moist coconut cake on a snowflake dessert plate is perfect for a snowy Winter tablesetting
Delicious, moist coconut cake is on the snowflake dessert plates. The white shredded coconut is perfect for a snowy table setting! 

A local bakery offers a delicious coconut cake by the slice or by a whole cake, perfect for a snowy Winter table
One of my aunts is renowned for her scrumptious homemade coconut cakes which is where our love for coconut cake began.  Alas, she lives over 600 miles away. Now, we buy our coconut cake from a local French bakery/restaurant, La Madeline

The coconut cake on the Winter tablesetting has a thin jelly icing between two layers
The recipe has a thin jelly icing between two layers and must have some kind of wonderful syrup drizzled onto the cake that soaks throughout the cake before the coconut icing is added on top. La Madeline sells the cakes either as a whole one-layer thick cake (one layer sliced into two short horizontal layers with jelly between the layers) or by the slice. A whole cake makes a fantastic birthday cake. 

What is around the Winter table? 

A large rustic wooden snowflake hangs from a lamp overlooking the Winter tablesetting with snowy trees on navy mugs
A large rustic wood snowflake hangs from a wall lamp above the table. Simple, but once again another reiterated pattern, snow/snowflake.   


White ceramic snowflake lanterns sit on a bookcase near the table set with a Winter tablesetting
More snowflakes decorate large ceramic lanterns on the white bookcase in the breakfast sunspace. 

Ceramic snowflake lanterns sit on wooden snowflake ornaments to protect a bookcase from water damage
Beneath each lantern is another large wood snowflake used as a coaster for the lantern to protect the wood bookcase from water damage. 

TIP: Don't overlook other ways to use Christmas ornaments. Besides serving as coasters, large wood ornaments are great as hot pads under casserole dishes to protect tables and countertops from heat damage. Plus, they add a seasonal touch to areas. Instead of using plain fabric hot pads or non-seasonal coasters, try using a pretty Christmas wood ornament for an unexpected layer of holiday decor. 

French style cane back chairs sit around a table decorated with a Winter tablescape using snowy trees on navy mugs
Of course, the French cane back dining chairs are around the Winter decorated table setting. 

A white ruffled edge pillow atop a blue throw add another layer of Winter to a tablesetting with snowy trees on navy mugs
And, one of the chairs holds a white ruffled edge pillow atop a blue throw. The throw adds another layer of Winter to the setting. 

Switch menus for continued use of dishes on a Winter tablesetting with snowy trees on navy mugs
Snowy trees on mugs, small ceramic white trees, snowflake dessert plates, and a navy ice bucket filled with a live Norfolk Pine can provide a table setting for all Winter. 

Switch around the uses of the items for versatility. 

❄︎ Serve soup in the mugs, paired with a green salad served on the snowflake plates. 

❄︎ Another day serve hot apple cider in the mugs with grilled cheese sandwiches on the small decorative plates. 

❄︎ Make breakfast festive with snowflake shaped pancakes on the plates and hot chocolate in the mugs. 

Now the holidays are over, and the bathroom remodel is finished. The renovation took longer than expected, and we experienced a few snags which is not unusual when remodeling. Currently, I am organizing all the photos of the French Finesse Bathroom Renovation with plans to post several articles in the upcoming months. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, you may find our experiences helpful to you. 

Stay warm! There are still several weeks of Winter yet to come. February is often when we have our worst weather. 
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French Scroll White Flatware - Botanic Bleu 

White Ceramic Christmas Trees (set/6) - Botanic Bleu 

Navy Glass Ice Bucket - Gift, no source 

White Scroll Edge Dinner Plates - Madeline pattern discontinued by Pier I 

White Matelass√© Placemats - Homemade using matelass√© fabric several years ago 

White Ceramic Snowflake Lanterns - Several years old 

Rustic White Wooden Snowflake Ornaments - Several years old from previous French Country Christmas Event 

Blue Cashmere Throw - Gift, several years ago 

White Ruffled Edge Pillow - The Findery, Waco, Texas, several years ago 

French Country Cane Dining Chairs - no longer available