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French Country Kitchen Stone Wall | Spring

Friday, February 28, 2020

Spring is officially still weeks away, but the sun and warmer temperatures have arrived in my French Country inspired kitchen. The warm sunshine signals it is time to decorate the shelf in the stone wall with favorite pottery and a Spring time arrangement. 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring
Hand thrown pottery plates by local artist Jess Lord, now deceased, often decorate this high shelf in the stone wall of my kitchen. Periodically, I decorate with other dishes and arrangements on this shelf, but I always like to bring back the Jess Lord pottery during the warmer months of the year. 

F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   K I T C H E N  

 S T O N E   W A L L   |   S P R I N G 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring
The long white limestone wall in the kitchen is the back of the living room fireplace and is one of the favorite features in my post and beam country house. 

Decorating the shelf is similar to styling a fireplace mantel due to the size and position of the shelf. Long length, shallow depth, and high height are much like dimensions of mantels. 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring view from Master Bedroom door
The stone wall shelf is a focal point for decorating in the kitchen, highly visible from several vantage points. 

This view is from the master bedroom, just off the kitchen. 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring view from sink looks over stove top into living room
The view from the kitchen sink looks over the stove cooktop toward the stone wall and into the living room. 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring with Chenonceau print
No two plates have the exact same design, but all contain soft shades of blue, green, and rosy pinks. I have twelve of the plates and several casseroles, small bowls, coasters, and glasses. The displayed plates are my favorite pieces. 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring with live blue grape hyacinth
The delicate vine patterns in shades of blue and green reflect the delicate colors of early Spring flowers, like live blue grape hyacinths  (muscari) planted in moss. 

French Country Kitchen Stone Wall decorated for Spring with hand carved bird, blue bird eggs, and live grape hyacinth
Spring will not arrive officially for a few more weeks, but Spring has arrived on the stone wall shelf in my French Country kitchen. 

And, Spring is about to burst into bloom in my backyard. The first bud on the Bradford pear tree was in bloom this morning! Tomorrow the tree may be covered in opened blooms. 

Ready for more Spring posts? 

S O U R C E 
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  1. That limestone wall is gorgeous and a great neutral background for plants, flowers,baskets, pottery etc. Have you tried bright yellow daffodils or red tulips among the blues and pinks??

    Can you tell I'm ready for Spring? :-) I have daffodils, vinca and roses blooming and my next door neighbor's bed of iris is stunning. Love this time of year!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  2. Hi Judith,

    That wall is stunning. It really gives a mantle look to the room. I couldn't help but be drawn to the print hanging on that spot.

    Your touches are beautiful!



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