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White Poinsettia Beautiful Christmas Entry

Friday, November 29, 2019

Beautiful Flowers 
An Early Christmas Present 

White poinsettias in a stunning glass navy wine bucket make a beautiful arrangement to greet guests in an entry during the Christmas season. 

White poinsettia beautiful Christmas entry decor in a navy glass wine bucket
Decorating for Christmas is extra special when you are hosting a party for friends or for family. And, welcoming guests with a large flower arrangement in the entry sets a festive mood for the whole party. 

W H I T E   P O I N S E T T I A 

B E A U T I F U L   C H R I S T M A S   E N T R Y 

Poinsettias are THE classical Christmas flower. Whenever you see a poinsettia, you immediately think of Christmas, right? That's one of the reasons you can't go wrong with decorating your house for the holidays with poinsettias. 

White poinsettia beautiful Christmas entry decor with a French country gold framed mirror
Poinsettias come in gorgeous colors ... red, pink, white, variegated ... You can find a color to go with whatever colors are in your house and whatever colors are in your Christmas decorations. 

For a person who loves blue and has a house filled with blue, white poinsettias are a natural choice to create the classical blue and white color combination. 

White poinsettias are a great choice for other color schemes, too. Perfect for a neutral color palette, or for a snowy white Christmas theme, or for mixing with jewel-tone colors. White goes with everything! 

White poinsettia beautiful Christmas entry decor on blue demilune table
Another benefit of decorating with poinsettias is they come in all SIZES! From tiny personal flowers at a place setting on a Christmas table to giant statement-making plants as a centerpiece on a grand buffet. Whatever size you need, you can find poinsettias to fit. 

White poinsettia beautiful Christmas entry decor for traditional style in a post and beam house
And, whatever style you love, you can decorate with poinsettias. You can place them in containers or locations to fit your decorating style. 

Love farmhouse? Place a large poinsettia in a galvanized bucket or an orchard basket. 

Love minimal industrial? Place a single poinsettia plant in a sleek aluminum wine bucket on a table, island, or counter in a room.  

Love French Country? Place poinsettias in front of gold-framed mirrors with ornate designs.

White poinsettia beautiful Christmas entry decor for blue and white style
Love traditional style? Place a white poinsettia in a large glass navy wine bucket. Or, if blue is not your color, use a clear wine bucket or a clear punch bowl. 

This navy glass wine bucket is an early Christmas present. Since I am hosting a couple of Christmas parties this year, I am adding special Christmas decorations all over the house. My sister gave me this beautiful navy glass wine bucket early to use with Christmas decorating. It is already a treasured favorite I know will show up all over the house all during the year!  

White poinsettia beautiful Christmas entry decor will last for weeks by following tips to care for poinsettias
One big plus for decorating with poinsettias for Christmas is their long life. I love using natural elements in Christmas decorations... live fresh trees, forced white paperwhites, live greenery, and fresh flowers. 

Poinsettias look beautiful for weeks...  if you choose carefully and give a little tender-loving-care. Not to say poinsettias are hard to care for... as long as you know what to do and what not to do. 

TIPS for Christmas decorating with poinsettias ...

  • The single most important tip about buying poinsettias ... Buy plants with tightly closed flowers. Those white showy leaves are not the flowers. Those tiny closed cluster of flowers in the center of the showy leaves are the ACTUAL poinsettia flowers. When buying plants look for ones with closed flowers. When those tiny flowers open they are yellow. 

  • Avoid exposure to cold weather ... Poinsettias are very sensitive to cold weather and can be irreparably damaged if exposed to frigid temperatures. One reason poinsettias are sold in protective clear plastic sleeves is to protect them from the cold weather when transported from the garden center to your car, and from your car to your house. 

  • Handle carefully ... poinsettia stems are somewhat fragile and can be broken easily ... That is another reason poinsettias are sold in the protective clear plastic sleeves. 

  • Avoid drafts ... Do not place poinsettias where forced-air vents will blow hot air on them. 

  • Provide cool temperatures periodically ... If you have a room in your house where the temperatures are cooler than the rest of your house, you can give poinsettias a break from warm air by moving them to a cool room for overnight or between parties. Remember not to place them in frigid areas like a garage. Read the care instructions that come with the plants to see what temperature range is best. 

  • Water wisely ... Add water when the top surface of the soil feels dry to the touch. If you let poinsettias dry out completely, they will wilt and may not recover completely. On the other hand, do not overwater poinsettias.  

Poinsettias often last through January at my house which has forced-air heat. If you follow these tips for poinsettias, the plants will last weeks. Which means you can start your house decorating with poinsettias a couple of weeks before a party. 

The white poinsettias in my entry are ready for the Christmas holiday! The welcoming entry is finished, and I can now focus on making other rooms beautiful and inviting.