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Fall Front Entry Garden

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

White chrysanthemums brighten the front entry garden this fall. Boxwood shrubs and trailing ivy are the foundation of the tiny garden, and seasonal flowers add the bright spots during the year. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums

Fall arrived late and is leaving early at my house this year. 

F A L L   F R O N T   E N T R Y   G A R D E N

September was hot, hot, hot. And dry. The front entry garden only had the boxwood shrubs and ivy which required frequent watering. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With Ivy Foundation Plants

If you are looking for a hardy, drought-tolerant plant for your shady garden, consider ivy. These potted ivy plants have grown several feet in just one year. 

Fall Front Entry Garden Before Boxwoods, Ivy, and French Urns

Here is how the front entry garden looked one year ago before I added new boxwood shrubs and French style urns adjacent to the garden bench. The ivy was completely inside the large garden urn. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With Concrete Bunny Nestled in Ivy

One year later the concrete bunny is almost hidden by the ivy. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums on brick front porch with blue front door

Late in September chrysanthemums arrived in our garden centers, and I added bright spots to the front porch. 

Fall Front Porch With White Chrysanthemums

Frequent watering kept them alive and flowering. Even though the calendar said it was Fall, the temperatures said it was still Summer. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums in Blue Container

White is a perfect color to use with pale periwinkle blue containers. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums and concrete swan

A graceful cement swan weathered over many years also goes well with white flowers and dark green foliage. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums along vintage brick walkway and front porch with blue front door

By mid-October the front porch white chrysanthemums were spent, but I found large pots of white chrysanthemums to fill the large French urns on either side of the concrete garden bench. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums each side of concrete garden bench

Our temperatures went from highs in the mid-90°s to the low 60°s in one fell swoop on one day in late October, announcing the arrival of Fall temperatures and rain. I think this is akin to what is known as a Blue Norther. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums with vintage brick walkway and boxwood shrubs

For a handful of days, we had glorious October Fall weather with highs in the 70s under blue skies. The view from the laundry room window made the front entry garden look lush green. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With White Chrysanthemums, Red Holly Berries, and Blue Front Door

Fall is leaving early this year. We had our first overnight freeze on October 30. The average date for the first freeze each year is November 22. 

Fall Front Entry Garden With Red Holly Berries

Cool night temperatures brought more color to the front entry garden. The holly trees are loaded with bright red berries . . . for the birds to eat and for holiday decorating. 

Holiday decorating is just around the corner, and the French Laundry room makeover wrapped up just in time to be part of this year's holiday decorations. 

My sister bought a few beautiful navy and white holiday things to decorate the laundry room this year. If you missed reading about the French Country Laundry ORC™, head over to the Week 5 update French Country Laundry French Style. Then read the laundry room One Room Challenge™ Reveal later this week. 


  1. Your entry is so pretty, Judith! I love mums of all colors but really do enjoy the white ones.

    1. Stacey,
      Thank you. The entry looks much better since the new boxwoods and ivy were planted this time last year. I like mums in colors other than the yellows and oranges.


  2. That combination of plantings and flowers is so pretty, Judith! Love that view from your laundry room window. Happy November!

    1. Thank you, Rita. Are you missing gardening in your new loft?


  3. I really love the white mums, and have bought them the last few years! They look so lovely in your entry garden!

    1. Deanna,
      Thank you. I am partial to white mums, too.


  4. Gorgeous! I thought I was looking at the cover of "Country Living" or "Southern Living"!! Love the ivy and white mums, in particular.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    1. Marilyn,
      Thank you! What a wonderful compliment.



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