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Fall Blue and White Cottage Style Foyer Lives Large

Saturday, September 28, 2019

A foyer does not have to be large to welcome guests with style. Blue and white buffalo checked fabric paired with white pumpkins and mums creates a cottage style brimming with beautiful Fall accents even in a small foyer. 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with checks, pumpkins, mums
This Fall I have so many ideas about how to style my small entry foyer ... cottage, French Country, traditional, etc... Since I could not decide which arrangement was my favorite idea, I will be sharing at least three ways I styled my small foyer. Along the way I also share tips for decorating that I used in each of the styles. 

Over the next few weeks you can choose which style is your favorite, and you can find a few ideas for how to create similar arrangements in your home.  

Cottage Style is the first way 
I arranged the small entry. 

White pumpkins with twisty stems and white mums in a blue and white woven basket welcome Fall ... and guests as they enter. 

Mums and pumpkins; Fall has arrived at my house! 

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F a l l   B l u e   &   W h i t e    

C O T T A G E   S T Y L E   F O Y E R   

L i v e s   L a r g e  

Front door with basket of white mums opens into a Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer
The front door opens to a small, but functional, foyer. 

Blue front door with basket of mums and back door with white leaves wreath open into small foyer
Both the front door and a back door open onto the small space. Tiled flooring bears up well from rain and mud coming from either direction. 

For this Fall, the front door has a basket with a live chrysanthemum plant, and the back door has a white metal wreath of leaves. 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer connects house to garage
The small 70" by 79" space connects the main house with the garage through the entry foyer and laundry room. The front door is swung wide open to provide lots of natural light to take photos. The laundry room door is behind the front door. This is the view from inside the hall leading to the kitchen. 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with vertical French Country mirror
The small space is big enough for a large French Country vertical wall mirror that allows last-minute glances at clothes and hair before heading out the door. 

c o l o r   r u l e   o f   d e c o r a t i n g 

Use the same accent color at least three times in a space.  

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer includes medium blue accents in five places
A dining side chair fits in the space next to the back door. The blue and white buffalo checked cushion offers a comfy spot to sit, and the chair offers a convenient spot for dropping packages. 

Darker blue as an accent color shows up five times ... 
  1.  blue and white buffalo checked cushion 
  2.  blue wire metal basket 
  3.  blue stripes on the stoneware crock 
  4.  blue floral salad plate underneath the lone pumpkin 
  5.  blue ribbon edging around the mirror frame 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with vintage crock used as a side table
By placing a large glass plate on top of a vintage blue-striped crock, the crock is turned into a small table. The glass plate is a repurposed glass turntable from a microwave oven. Watch for large clear plates at garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales. They  also make excellent saucers to place under large plants to protect hardwood and carpeted floors. 

h e i g h t   r u l e   o f   d e c o r a t i n g 

Vary the heights of objects in an arrangement. 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with white potted mums in blue and white woven basket
At first, I placed the live white chrysanthemum plant inside the stoneware crock, but the flowers were the same height as the chair seat and were too low to be seen well. Placing them inside the woven blue and white basket atop the crock added enough height for them to be seen over the seat of the chair. 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with blue metal wire basket filled with white pumpkins
For small spaces, go vertical instead of horizontal. Twisty stem white pumpkins in an open wire blue metal basket allow several pumpkins to be seen without taking up much room in the small foyer. 

g o l d e n   r u l e   o f   d e c o r a t i n g 

Use an odd number of objects together. 

One larger pumpkin with a spectacular twisty stem sits on a blue floral salad plate outside the basket and visually connects the basket of pumpkins to the chair. The chair, large pumpkin, and basket of pumpkins form a group of three items, a golden rule in decorating

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer includes large white pumpkin with twisty stem
This stem has personality plus! Dried stem tendrils flair up and away like wings on a fairy. 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with large white pumpkin on blue floral salad plate
Living large with personality in a small foyer! 

Fall blue and white cottage style small foyer lives large with potted white mum in large stoneware crock
One large item, instead of several small items, makes a big impact in a small space. A second large 5-gallon stoneware crock holds another live chrysanthemum plant in a small corner of the entry. 

A tip for getting potted plants at the right height inside a container is to add objects inside the container for the plant to sit on. A brick paver sits in the bottom of this crock in order for the potted mum to peek over the rim of the crock. 


I hope you enjoyed seeing my small foyer decorated in a cottage style with blue and white for Fall. In the coming days and weeks, check back to see different ways for decorating the same space for Fall. 

And, be sure to stop by on Tuesday, October 8, when I will be part of a blog hop with other inspiring, talented bloggers sharing their homes decorated for Fall. 

S O U R C E S 

Blue and white buffalo checked cushion - HomeGoods 
5-gallon white stoneware crock - Magnolia Market, Waco, TX
Blue-striped vintage crock - Antique store several years ago
Blue wire metal basket - HomeGoods several years ago