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New Wood Chandelier for the Garden Shed

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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A new wood chandelier in the garden shed was added above its sink by replacing the new chandelier's hardwired connections with a lamp plug-in cord. 

Summer is a great time for sprucing up the garden shed with both a new chandelier and fresh interior paint. Fresh paint is exciting, but not as exciting as a new chandelier. 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed converted to plug-in light
The ceiling in the garden shed/house is vaulted and has a ceiling fan / four-light fixture combination in the center of the room. While working at the sink along the wall, I had to work in my own shadow caused by my body being between the light source and the sink. 

A little creative thinking for installing a ceiling light above the sink was all it took to solve the working-in-a-shadow problem. 

N E W   W O O D   C H A N D E L I E R  
F O R   T H E   G A R D E N   S H E D  

New wood chandelier for the garden shed issues included sloped ceiling, no electrical connection, clearing existing window
A number of things had to be considered to hang a light above the garden shed sink. 
  • Sloped ceiling 
  • Chandelier clearing the top of the window 
  • Source for electricity for the fixture 
  • Space between the wall and a ceiling cross beam 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed is hung using a chain and ceiling hook
Hanging a light fixture with a chain from a ceiling hook solved two issues. Since the ceiling is wood, the hook could be placed wherever needed with plenty of support for the fixture. Plus, using a chain hung from a hook allowed the fixture to be hung at whatever height desired, easily clearing the top of the window. 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed hung from a chain allows the ceiling plate to be attached away from the chandelier
The chain also allows the ceiling plate with the electrical wires to be attached on the ceiling away from the chandelier and above an electrical outlet on the wall. 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed was converted from hard-wired to plug-in
Since there is not an electrical connection in the ceiling above the sink, we attached the electrical wires of a new lamp cord to the wires in the light's ceiling plate and converted the chandelier from a hard-wired light to a plug-in light. 

Lamp cords come in different styles and lengths from local hardware stores. We chose a plug-in cord without an inline switch. Plans are to cover the yellow electrical lamp cord with a fabric ruched sleeve. 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed plugs into an existing wall plug
The existing wall plug next to the window above the sink is easy to reach and is close to the location of the new chandelier. 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed is turned on and off using an electrical adaptor with a rocker switch
The small white box with a rocker switch on its side plugs into the outlet. Then the lamp cord plugs into the white box adapter. The switch on the side of the white box turns the chandelier on and off. The white box with the rocker switch came from one of the big box home improvement stores. 

The garden shed is getting a new coat of paint on the interior walls. The painter has already applied the primer paint and the first coat of top coat paint. The wooden electrical outlet cover shown will also be painted the color of the wall. Photos show all the imperfections and are a good way to see what needs doing. 

New wood chandelier for the garden shed uses materials from a DIY home improvement store
The new chandelier in the garden shed is the perfect size for the space between the wall and a ceiling cross beam. 

Do-It-Yourself big home improvement stores are amazing sources for solutions to most small renovation problems encountered... and for very little money. The lamp cord was 15 feet long (shortened to fit the space) and cost about $10. The rocker switch electrical plug-in cost less than $2. 


Remember to consult a knowledgeable source about converting a hardwired light to a plug-in light. Use an electrician and/or get advice from trained professionals for any DIY project. 

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