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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Living Room Spring Sunlight

Thursday, March 29, 2018

S P R I N G  🌞  S U N L I G H T 

floods our French Country living room 
... in Texas 

french country living room spring sunlight
Cone boxwoods on the mantel and a French-inspired lantern with surrounding botanics on the living room blanket box / coffee table are the only new Spring decorations, but the brilliant sunlight announces SPRING to the whole house. 

Do you use your coffee table to serve coffee? I do not believe coffee has ever been served from a coffee table in my house EVER. Iced tea... yes. Coke... yes. But, coffee... not ever. 

Is it time for us to begin calling that surface by another name? Suggestions for a name to replace 'coffee table?'

french country living room spring sunlight
No coffee for weather like this. Winter is gone, no more to be seen or felt until close to Christmas, months away when the sun will still shine into the whole house. 

Christmas... nine months away, but not out of mind. For the past week I have been finalizing Christmas orders with merchants at the Dallas Market Spring Gift and Home Show. There are already several beautiful Christmas things 'SOLD OUT.' 

french country living room spring sunlight
The covered porch off the living room is already in good use this Spring. The Adirondack chairs and chaise lounges have been perfect for relaxing after making lists for beautiful things in this year's French Country Christmas Event months from now. 

You will see and hear more about when, where, and what is planned for this year's event later in the year. One thing you can count on... there will be French-inspiration... in gifts, decorations, and furniture. Wait 'til you see the gorgeous chairs. Carved details, wood, cane, and perfectly turned legs just so. Just what I love in French style chairs.  

french country living room spring coffee table decor
For now, enjoy French Country style in the Spring sunshine. Anticipation of good things to come is always fun, but remember to live in the moment and savor joie de vivre (exuberant enjoyment of life.)  Bluebonnets are popping up in our naturalized yard and bluejays appear to be making a nest at the edge of the woods. 

french country living room spring flowers and bird's nest
On the living room coffee table (thought of a better phrase yet?) blue speckled eggs in French rose pots and faux muscari nestle against the lantern decorated with more Spring inside it. 

french country wood lantern Spring flowers and bird's nest
A French zinc seed pot holds another faux bird's nest with egg, faux white hyacinths have bare bulbs and roots for realism, and three more rose pots are stacked against the wood back. The arrangement can last for weeks throughout Spring before Summer appears. 

We are enjoying the Spring sunlight and not thinking about the blistering heat of the Summer sun yet. Planting seedlings, planting starter lavender herbs, and planting early crop lettuces are filling our Spring days. Then relaxing on the porch with iced tea or Coke... 

sunshiny Spring days filled with 

French Country joy of living...  

joie de vivre