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Winter Porch Another View

Monday, January 22, 2018

Another View of the Winter Porch 

with a request for input from my readers. 

Click on the white ARROW to begin the slide show. 
Then click on the box in the lower right corner to enlarge the photos to fill your entire screen. 

The previous post on Botanic Bleu was Winter Porch Plants with standard photos and text. The above video/slideshow is another view of the Winter Porch in a different format. 

Recent articles in the virtual world indicate videos are preferred over the written word by most people viewing information on the Internet. 

1]  Is the video/slide show above appearing on your computer, mobile device, notebook, etc...? Are there any glitches

2]  Did this post load at its normal speed or did this post load slower than usual? 

3]  Which do you prefer? The original Winter Porch Plants post or the video/slideshow version with music? 

4]  Would you like a blog post with the video/slideshow at the top followed by several paragraphs of text? 

5]  Or would you prefer the video/slideshow with just ONE short paragraph

6]  Why do you like the version you chose? 

7]  Any tips or suggestions?  

I will continue to experiment with different versions of slide shows and videos this year, but most posts will be in standard format with still photos and text. I will be looking for a better way to show  slides and/or video. 

Thank you for giving your feedback in the comments below. 

* * * * * * * 

A quick update on real-time life and why there have not been any new posts for a couple of weeks...  I had a good visit with my brother out-of-state followed by a trip to California with my sister, the professional florist. She had a floral job for 40+ centerpieces at a dinner in the San Diego Hilton Hotel, and I went along to help (a little.) Of course, since we were in California we had to take a few days vacation before heading back home. We missed almost all of the frigid temperatures at home while in San Diego where we had balmy 70°-80° days. 

My sister and I will be traveling to spend time with our brother in the days to come. Future blog posts may be irregular. Right now I am trying to get caught up on everything here at home. There is the small matter of a broken water pipe from the freezing temperatures, but fortunately the pipe is outside the house between the house and garden shed. The cut-off water valve works as designed and allows us to have water in the house. No pressure to get the outside pipe to the garden shed repaired means it may be a few weeks before I tackle that. Then there are the mountains of laundry and usual household bills that need attention now.  

Thank you for reading. Keep cozy and warm as we dream of spring. 


  1. Judith, I prefer the tried and true style of blogging. As a reader, I'd rather be able to click on a photo to enlarge detail and study. When reading, I frequently go back and review what the narrative is saying.
    I have created the type of photo video you've mad here, and I also prefer the written word and photos from the author's perspective, too.
    Your days are full, no doubt, but I'm glad you're able to be present with your brother, with the added bonus of visiting with your sister, too.

  2. Well, first of all, safe travels. I am a tad envious you are out of this frigid cold for a bit but sorry to hear about the pipe. SO positive, being with your brother and to have a traveling companion too. Now, blogging questions.

    The video slide show appeared. But (and this is my problem, probably not yours because it happens on other things too) all I saw is black and heard music. Probably if I restart it would be OK. The post loaded just fine. But to be honest, I can take or leave slide shows and I'd rather leave them. I think Rita nailed it above -- I prefer traditional blogging. I like to read it, not watch it and I hate hearing music with posts unless I have the option to click on it. If the music comes, I turn down the volume -- too much clutter.

    I, too, often go back to review the narrative and click on photos to enlarge detail. Nine times out of ten I am inclined not to watch a video or slide show, unless it has played into the narrative. If it's just pictures, I'll pass. (Well, if it's about London or France, I might just break my own rule!)

    (That said, your photos are always lovely!)

  3. Oh, dear. Who came up with this? "Recent articles in the virtual world indicate videos are preferred over the written word by most people viewing information on the Internet." No, no, no. Please don't fall into the trap of not providing us with the written word. It is becoming rarer and rarer, especially if well done. And we need to encourage people who would like to take the lazy way out and just look at images being fed into their minds to read. They get enough of the other in so many ways each day. I enjoy your blog posts just the way you have been presenting them. Keep it up!

  4. I prefer the written word so I can study it.

  5. I enjoy the video, but the written word, especially yours, are a pleasure, and not fraught with typos, grammatical nightmares, etc. Your having been a teacher probably makes the difference. I also love to study the composition of your still photos. And that’s what vignettes are all about anyway.
    The statement used reminds me of courses I took in the The differences in how people learn, and how childhood learning differs from adult learning. So I love your style as is, but wouldn’t mind a relaxing video montage in addition to, but not instead of you regular posts.

  6. Judith, Your video is lovely but I prefer traditional blogging, also. The tiny picture is hard for me to see.
    I don't watch any of the podcasts that I see being done. I don't have that kind of time. I love to see pictures and I like them large. I generally read on my laptop not an ipad.

    Your blog is lovely and you are an excellent writer. I would miss that very much.

  7. Bonjour Judith!

    How fun to travel to Cali and style a lovely event with your sister!

    I love how you write and style Botanic Bleu. I am also one who believes in new approaches to "style and tell".

    Above all you are a lovely blog friend. You are dear and supportive . . . even when I run low on French bread.


  8. I am glad you have had an opportunity to travel a bit this winter.

    As for the blog, I prefer to see pictures accompanied by words or the other way, narrative interspersed with pictures. I like the pictures, but, I need to hear your voice even if I am just reading your voice. Does that make any sense?

    Have a good week, Judith.


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