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Snowfall Video

Friday, January 26, 2018

For people who live in snow-prone areas of the world, snow is not always a beautiful sight. Bundling up for work, getting the car to start in sub-freezing temperatures, and seeing mounds of snow in grocery parking lots pushed up in heaps with black soot become dreary. 

For those of us who live in areas where snow is rare, snowfall is magical. We know it will only last for short periods of time, sometimes just fleeting minutes as the flakes melt hitting the ground. Other times there are serene scenes as our world comes to a standstill for the snow. 

Enjoy the beautiful scenes of a heavy snowfall for us in 2010. 

Look closely for glimpses of the garden shed when it was still an ugly duckling 
and of the house before the covered porch was added. 

The video is a different style than the one earlier this week. 
I like this video much better, both because of the style and because of the content. 

Snowfall Video from Winter 2010

Click on the white ARROW to begin the video. Then click on the box in the lower right corner to enlarge the photos to fill your computer screen. 
You can control whether or not to hear the music with your computer volume and the video volume. 

Stay warm and cozy. Before we know it those daffodils poking up through the snow will be in bloom. 

Thank you to everyone who left comments on the video of the winter porch plants earlier this week. They were all very helpful to me. 

Whew! A sigh of relief that I don't have to produce videos for my readers. 
The people I heard from overwhelmingly prefer 
traditional posts with commentary. 

I want to keep abreast of new technology and new formats for writing/presenting a blog, but I  really prefer the traditional photos and text commentary when I read other blogs myself. Confession: Most of the time I do not open videos on other sites. But, MY preferences may not have reflected preferences of my READERS. 

These two video/slideshow posts have taken several hours of work. Making them was very quick and easy with the built-in features of the Photo software on my laptop computer. The hard part was getting them uploaded to the blog. 

I may create a traditional post with still photos and commentary of the 2010 snowfall photos. What do you think? Would you like to see and to read that kind of post of the same material? 

Please give feedback in the comments about this video, especially comparison comments to the previous video/slideshow. Do you like this format/style better?