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Saturday, June 17, 2017

~ Cuisine ~
Château de Chenonceau 
l'Orangerie Restaurant 

Is there anything more synonymous with France than food? List the top five things France is known for and food will be in the list. Hence, food must be included as part of any discussion of French design. Renowned for le Cordon Bleu cuisine training, Michelin five-star restaurants, Julia Child cookbooks, mouth-watering croissants, sidewalk cafes, neighborhood bistros... France offers delectable meals in a wide-range of settings, all offered with French panache (flamboyant style or manner). 


French design includes exquisite cuisine presentations in both flavor and beauty. All the senses, sight, sound, touch, scent, and taste, enhance the experience of eating meals. 

The beauty of the colors and food placement are only the beginning. Chocolate and red berry aromas from the chocolate and blueberry dome with red fruit sorbet dessert promise deep, full flavors. The crunch of the nuts and chocolate stick add sound and texture. 

While delicious meals are available throughout France, very special meals make a French vacation extra memorable. l'Orangerie, a gourmet restaurant located in the original orangerie at Château Chenonceau, offers a fairy-tale setting overlooking the château and its Green Garden.  

The chocolate and blueberry dome with red fruit sorbet dessert is part of the prix fixe menu (a multi-course meal with a few choices offered at a set price that is a good buy) at l'Orangerie. 

The interior of the restaurant reflects the grandeur of the château, but the tables on the covered terrace are the ones that offer the fairy-tale views. 

Lush green lawns grow up to the edge of the restaurant's outdoor terrace. 

Garden tables and chairs can be used during variable weather conditions due to the covered roof, ceiling heaters, and weather-proof clear plastic curtains.

Tables overlook the Green Garden. 

By making reservations well in advance of arrival, the corner table overlooking both the Green Garden and the château in a distance can be booked. Last summer I made reservations by email in June and was able to get this preferred table for an early September visit. 

French Design Cuisine 

The first course in the prix fixe was a crushed ice citrus dish, grilled multi-layered cheeses, and a nutty pâté in a berry sauce. 

Fresh sprouts, potatoes, and beets accompanied a dish of smoked salmon. 

A variety of vegetables were a side for the grilled beef with mushrooms. 

Each table had a beautiful fresh floral arrangement. 

Allow at least two hours for dining at l'Orangerie. 

Be sure to pin the above photo to your Pinterest board for future reference on French Design Cuisine. 


Want to learn how to cook like a French chef? Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, Louisette Bertholle, and Simone Beck is available in both hardcover and Kindle versions on {no affiliation}


The menu for l'Orangerie offers la carte and prix fixe menu options and is subject to change. 

See the official Château de Chenonceau site for information about the l'Orangerie Restaurant dates, hours, menus, contact information, and directions. 

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My Favorite Paris Restaurant is in Musée d'Orsay. 

Have you ever eaten at l'Orangerie on the grounds of Château de Chenonceau?


  1. Such a beautiful restaurant! I love being inspired by places like this!

  2. I would love to experience such luxury. :)

  3. I know we've discussed this in the past, but Chenonceau is my favorite!

  4. Oh what a dream to dine in any orangerie, but especially one at Chenonceau! Thank you for sharing your special meal with us, I am drooling

  5. Look´s really good :)
    Have a happy sunday...

  6. That looks amazing. Gorgeous view.

  7. mouth is wide gorgeous.

  8. I have added this glorious restaurant to my must see list. Some of my most loveliest memories of France involve food. Have a wonderful week!

  9. A favorite Judith,
    And such a beautiful experiance in dinning.
    I visited the previous post on the city streets of France and the tree placements along with the care to olive tree topiaries.
    I love olive trees, and the mini bushes as well as pruned topiary style. I've always wanted one in that great container placed in my small country kitchen and will do so when I find one local that I can create the perfect look. When I moved into my this home that was intended for an investment home, the first thing planted in the freshly graded property with not a garden feature of any sort was an olive tree right out the front sitting room window so the first thing I see when the window is open it that feeling and of being somewhere in France. Then along came a few cypress trees.

    Your posting have once again inspired me to plant a tree, prune a topiary and prepare a decadent French meal.

    A beautiful week ahead of you my dear.




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