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September - The Blue Hour

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Because of its beauty that makes time stop for an instant, the expression l'heure bleue has come to describe a variety of special times and events, not just a description of a special blue glow at dusk. Each month in 2016, I am sharing a collage of blue images that create a little l'heure bleue for me. 

l'heure bleue en septembre
The Blue Hour in September

Throughout France the color blue appears EVERYWHERE. After all, there is the color French Blue. And everywhere in France causes people to S T O P and stare... lost in reverie of beauty. Moments of l'heure bleue turn into minutes of l'heure bleue that turn in hours of l'heure bleue. 

Bleu occurs from the mundane to the magnificent. From the streets to cathedrals to heavenly skies... 

Street signs give directions about traffic in blue and white. This street has a bus lane, a bike lane, and allows stopping for deliveries at specified times. Wonder if any of those cute bike signs have been replaced by the street department and are now available in brocantes (second-hand goods' sales)

The local Paris police department building (Prefecture de Police) is identified with an elegant blue sign sporting fleur de lis. Another sign to look for in brocantes. 

Built on the side of the Tour de l'Horloge, the clock is the oldest clock in Paris (1370) and is located on the side of the original royal residence for the kings of France on the Île de Citè. 

Just a half block away from the ancient clock are the gold and blue gates to the courtyard of the former royal residence beginning with kings in the 6th century that now serves as government offices. 

Sainte Chapelle was built between 1242 and 1248, and the upper chapel was exclusively used by the king and his immediate family until the French Revolution. Today classical concerts are held throughout the year in the evenings.  

About half of the stained glass windows in Sainte Chapelle are original and are supported by the colorfully decorated interior walls shown. 

Galeries Lafayette department store was founded in 1894 (source: Paris tourist office) during the time all of Paris was rebuilt into its current beautiful skyline. Two spectacular must-see sections of the store are its stained glass dome and the view of Paris rooftops from its open-air balcony at the top floor of the store.  

The view from the modest-priced cafeteria-style restaurant in Galeries Lafayette includes Paris rooftops and the Eiffel Tower. Even at dusk on an overcast day the views are breathtaking and create l'heure bleue moments remembered for a lifetime. 

The top photo was created using the Waterlogue app on my iPhone. What a great way to salvage a blurry photo of Paris! 

🎶  I love Paris in the springtime.  🎶  I love Paris in the fall... 

.... in September filled with l'heure bleue. 

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Please join me at these inspiring places for more joy of living. 

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