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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Antique Fair Bleu

Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Too far and snaky" 
was a phrase used by my grandmother 
for not going to someplace a long way away. 
Or, even for places close by
that she did not travel to for some reason. 
The conversation could have gone like... 
"Are you going to ________ ?" fill in blank 
Grandmother, "No, too far and snaky."

Lucketts Spring Market 2015 was too far and snaky 
from Texas to Virginia for me to attend. 

To
Hico Antique Show by Sugar Moon Antiques
I consoled myself by attending the HICO Antique Show 
in Hico, Texas which was only 75 miles away by car. 
Sure, it was a MUCH smaller event, 
but the drive there and back was filled with beautiful Texas wildflowers, 
great fun with traveling friends, a fried catfish church lunch, 
and I found some great treasures to bring home with me. 

There is blue and white everywhere throughout my house, 
which makes the new OLD 5-gallon crock feel right at home. 

The large size makes it perfect for the vintage pine dining table. 

Just this week I cleaned the pine table and gave it a couple of new coats of wax. 
See Pine Table Refinished for how I brought this table 
back to life following water damage. 
Since then, I give it a new coat of wax every once in a while. 

For now, the stoneware crock is holding magnolias, but
can't you just see a ***Christmas tree*** in it! 

No cracks, no chips, and only one small spot of surface rust 
that came right off when I scrubbed it with Bar Keepers Friend cleaner. 

The crock is a plain design with no sign of the maker, not even on the bottom. 

The only mark besides the stripes is the 5 that indicates 
how many gallons the crock holds. 

The blue blends perfectly with all the other light to medium blues in my house. 

We saw several other stoneware crocks for sale in Hico and surrounding towns. 
Most had beautiful markings and indicated the manufacturer. 
The prettiest one I saw had a lily of the valley painted on the front. 
The price of my plain crock was about one-seventh the price of the 
lily-of-the-valley crock. 
A price I could not pass by! 

I also found two blue and white French linen pieces 
at Silver Moon Antiques to go with the blue striped crock.  

The French linen fabric is heavy with lots of texture. 
One is long and narrow with a single striped border - great as a table runner. 
The blue and white plaid one is square, and 
it will be great as a small table topper. 

The tray full of silverplate came from a vendor at the Hico Antique Show. 

Special plans for most of the pieces are on my to-do list for this summer. 

The curved spoon and knife, however, will be used as they are. 
They are just too pretty to change. 

Antique Fair Bleu 
Found close to home

Also on my summer to-do list is to clean and to rearrange the china cabinet. 

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