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Paper Valentines ~ Free Templates

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Papier Valentine
(Paper Valentine)

Let me count the ways I love paper valentines!

Paper Valentine Love #1 

Display a Collection of Small Cards 

Small gift enclosure cards are the perfect size for 
displaying in gold metal wire hearts. 

The small cards add just the right amount of pink and red hearts 
to give the house a touch of Valentine's decor. 

Paper Valentine Love #2 

Send Small Cards ~ Perfect for Friends 

Small gift enclosure cards are often blank inside allowing 
the author to write her own sentiment with a 
pink pen from Paris. 

A friend lives in your heart forever. 

May your day be filled with love of family and friends. 

Whenever I travel to France, I spend hours browsing 
in the papeteries (stationery stores), selecting inexpensive pens, 
inks, notebooks with colored graph paper, desk blotters, etc... 
I also look for small gift cards in the fleuriste shops and  
especially look for small cards with greetings in French. 
It is time for a trip to Paris; 
I've used all of my small French cards. 

One day I plan to try to try my hand at painting 
my own watercolor Valentine cards, 
but until then I will either buy them like these or 
create some digitally on my laptop. 

Paper Valentine Love #3 

Display a Small Card in Candy 

A small clear heart-shaped dish filled with Hershey's cherry kisses 
is a quick easy way to share Valentine's Day greetings 
with those who visit your desk at work, 
with customers at your checkout counter, or 
with friends who stop by your house,  

 for you and your family at home. 
A little French je ne sais quoi

Paper Valentine Love #4 

Give a Heart-Shaped Paperclip 

Attached to a Homemade Card  

Remember my visits to French papeteries
I found this adorable sturdy wire heart-shaped paperclip 
in one of those Parisian stationery shops. 

The heart paperclips came in boxes of about 30. 
They are inexpensive, easy to carry home in luggage, and 
a novel memento that most everyone enjoys receiving, 
even without knowing they came from Paris. 

Dress up the small gift even more with a sliver of silk ribbon, 1/8" width. 

Have more time to embellish your homemade Valentines? 
Use special craft scalloping scissors to trim the bottom edges. 
Just that little touch adds so much to the card. 
Another French je ne sais quoi

No heart-shaped paperclips? 

No problem. 
Attach a single Hershey's cherry kiss to the card. 

These small cards are great for giving when you want several 
inexpensive Valentine's greetings for friends 
at work, in your book club, in your bridge group, or in your 
ladies Bible study group. 

These would also be easy for children to make for their friends. 

Paper Valentine Love #5 

Use Small Cards as Favors in a Centerpiece 

A small flower vase on a stand with a heart-shaped card holder 
combines roses and cards for a small table centerpiece. 
Remember to face some cards toward the front 
and some toward the back. 
The cards can be small party favors for guests. 

Ready to make your own 
Homemade Valentine Cards? 

I think you will be able to use the templates above to print your own cards 
on 8.5" x 11" white card stock. 
Printing on colored card stock would also be very pretty. 

My favorite collection of Valentine's hearts, flowers, and candy boxes 
reminds me of friends and family over my life. 
My most cherished Valentine's card reads, 
You will always be my Valentine.


Happy Valentine's Day 
to all of my readers.